Fact Check: Kunal Kamra used videos from Congress rule to show mob lynching under the Modi govt

Posted on 2019-05-10 10:44:17 by Himani Joshi


Kunal Kamra used old videos from Congress rule to show mob lynching (violence by cow vigilantes) under Modi govt.

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Kunal Kamra an Indian stand-up comedian and host of "Shut up ya Kunal" interview Aam Aadmi Chief and Delhi's Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal in the latest episode. 

In his interview, Arvind Kejriwal talked about mob lynching and violence related to cows. He said that people of this country want to raise his family with peace, everybody wants growth and job and nobody wants to kill anybody, so who are these people who suddenly come and goes after killing the people.  He said these are murders and they organized murders.

Perhaps Arvind  Kejriwal needs to do a bit research about cattle smugglers and how these smugglers are killing cattle owners throughout the northern belt. The topic of cattle smuggling is a serious issue which Indian farmers are facing. When a smuggler kills innocent farmers while trying to steal cattle, the case is not discussed but when smuggler gets killed, it is widely discussed in the media which gives the impression that these are organised crimes of Cow vigilantes. We had highlighted this issue last year. You can read it here:

Cattle smugglers are killing owners across India, farmers are facing a threat to life and livelihood

However, we are not denying that beef related violence has not happened. Last year, BJP leader Jayant Sinha was found felicitating 8 men convicted of lynching a cattle trader in Ramgarh. 

In the video, Kunal Kamra also shows an interview of BJP MLA, Raja Singh in which he said that 'Till the time caws are not made the national animal I understand that this war is going on for cow protection is not going to stop'. The murders and beating peoples will never stop. Along with this statement, they showed an image in which a man was getting thrashed in front of a police officer (5:09-5:12 minutes in the video).

You can watch the video here:

Here is the screen grab of the video:

The video clip is an old one from Congress' rule

A Tweeter user Ankur Singh pointed out that the clip used by Kunal Kamra is an old one and is from pre-Modi government era. We found that the same video was shared by a Facebook user name Bhajan Gahlot on 31 October 2013 with a caption  ' Gau Raksha dal the great Sardar com. jai hind ', i.e. 6 years ago.

You can watch the video here (the relevant part at 1:15 minutes onwards):

In the above video, a group of cow vigilantes attacks a truck loaded with cows in a view that the man was taking the cows to kill them.

Since the video clip was uploaded in 2013, we can safely say that the above incident didn't happen under the Modi government.

In the episode, Kunal Kamra has then shown the interview of an activist (possibly a member of cow vigilantes group) justifying the killing of people who kills a cow by quoting Vedas. While the man was speaking, he showed another clip in which cow vigilantes set a truck on fire and was hitting a man mercilessly with a stick.

Vigilantes setting a truck on fire

However, the above clip was also taken from the same video which was uploaded in 2013. You can see the relevant part 2:25 minutes. Kunal Kamra then showed the burning truck which was followed by another clip in which vigilantes were hitting a man mercilessly with a stick. 

You can see the relevant part in the video uploaded in 2013 at 2:52 minutes.

Ironically, Kunal Kamra and Arvind Kejriwal kept on saying that cow related violence (mob lynching) has increased under the Modi government but they themselves couldn't find a video of the incident which happened during Modi's regime.

The older video of violence by cow vigilantes also punctures a hole in the theory being propagated that cow related violence started only when PM Modi came to the power.

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