Greetings to all our readers. Well, it is embarassing to say but we need your support to keep Fact Hunt up and running. We are raising fund for Fiscal year 2020-21 and we aim to raise Rs 12 Lakh. Please spread the word.

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Why Crowdfunding?

Greetings to all our readers. Till now, Fact Hunt was bootstrapped and were funded by its founders. But now we need to expand our operation if we want to catch up with others in the industry. Today, we have only one full time fact-checkers and we will have to add two more in next 6 months to achieve our targets. For all this, we need funds.

As you all are aware, IFCN has unfairely rejected our application which has closed various doors for us to get any kind of grants to keep the website running.

From here, we have two ways. Either we raise fund from investors and lose control over the functioning of the organisation or we ask our readers to support us in our decision to remain independent.

This is why we need your support to keep the Fact Hunt's project up and running.

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Budget Allocation

How the funds will be utilized in 2020-21?


Total: Rs 900000

Fact Checkers: Rs 720000

Tech Interns:    Rs 180000


Total: Rs 200000

This expense includes cloud hosting, building new tools for fact-checking community and our readers.


Total: Rs 100000

This expense includes legal charges and other office expenses

Fiscal Year 2019-20

Source of funds and its utilisation in fiscal year 2019-20?

Donation Received          

Total: Rs 26294

Direct Donation: Rs 14044

Patreon:    Rs 12250

From Founders         

Total: Rs 226130

Neel: Rs 211130

Shashank:    Rs 15000

Expense Breakup

Total: Rs 255174

Salary: Rs 177300

Technology: Rs 54435

Others: 23439 (includes IFCN fees and registration charges)