NASA has 58 percent Indian Employees: Tracing the origin of this misinformation

The claim that NASA has 58% of Indian employees is false but the viral message originated in Pakistan and some Indians fell for it.

Fact check: PM Narendra Modi was holding a 'chadar' which has written there is no god except Allah

The picture of Narendra Modi with Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi holding a Chadar with a message "There is no God except Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah" is real. 

National Scholarship schemes Majorly for Hindus : No, it is more beneficial for Minorities.

Out of 2157 crore, students from Hindu community got Rs 127.75 crores while the Muslim community got Rs 1,032.21 crore. 

A newborn died because doctors refused to treat the baby: No, father says police denied entry in the hospital

The claim that doctors refused to treat the child appears false as per the statement given by the child's father. According to him juniors doctors tried their best but police didn't allow him to enter the hospital.

Fact check : Did RJD MLA dance with a woman in an objectionable manner while on a study tour in Manipur

The claim that an RJD MLA Yaduvansh Yadav was dancing in objection manner while on a study tour to Manipur is false. The men in the video are the close aide of an RJD MLA and his friend.

Fact Check : Was Vishal Jangotra acquitted due to lack of evidence in Kathua rape and murder case

The claims that Vishal has been acquitted due to lack of evidence against him is misleading because according to the court verdict on the Kathua murder and rape case, Vishal acquitted because all the available evidence supported his claim that he was not in Kathua when the crime was committed.

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj appointed as Governor of Andhra Pradesh: No, she herself denies the report

The viral news of Former External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj being appointed as Governor of Andra Pradesh is false. She has herself denied the report.

Fact Check : Verifying claims about the PM scholarship scheme for the minority community

Debunking some of the misinformation about prime minister's scholarship scheme for the minority community.

Minorities in India bear the brunt of post-election hate crimes: An attempt of fake narrative by the ecosystem

A fact check of narrative showing how the minority community is facing the brunt of post-election hate crimes in India.

Fact Check of Arvind Kejriwal claim that Delhi is the only city in the country to enjoy 24x7 power supply

The claim of Arvind Kejriwal that Delhi is the only city in the country that offers 24-hours electricity supply is over exaggerated because most of the area in Delhi has to face the problem of electricity from past few years.

Were 17 people injured while offering namaz during Eid in Delhi: No, IANS and other media houses spread false news.

The claim that 17 people were injured after a car rammed into people when they were offering namaz on Eid. An auto-lifter Shahrukh had sped through a crowd of people who were dispersing after Eid prayers but no one was injured.

Twinkle Sharma Murder case in Aligarh: Possibility of sexual assault not ruled out yet - POSCO Act applied in the case

Altnews and several other social media users have prematurely declared that there was no sexual assault in Twinkle Sharma's murder case.

Fact Check of controversy around Nationality and birth certificate of newly inducted BJP member Anju Ghosh

Some reports have claimed that she was born in 1956 in Faridpur district in the-then East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). But she is an Indian citizen since she is holding an Indian passport.

Muslim Inmate in Tihar Branded With Om Symbol by jail superintendent: No, he himself did it with the help of jailmates

The claim that a Muslim prisoner in Tihar Jail was branded with Om Symbol by the jail superintendent has turned out to be false. After the investigation, it was revealed that Nabbir had himself branded the 'Om' symbol on his back with the help of his companion in Jail.

Muslim youth beaten and forced to eat pork by Hindu Extremists: Police denies it and ruled out communal angle

C.J. Werleman falsely claimed that a Muslim man was attacked by a mob of Modi supporting Hindu extremists. Police have refused any communal angle in this incident. Werleman claim that he was fed pork forcefully and was threatened to urinate on him is also false if we go with the police version.

Were 25 Yadavs killed in the past 8 days: No, the parody account of Dimple Yadav caught spreading fake news.

The claim that 25 Yadavs were killed in the past few days by BJP workers is absolutely fake. However, 5 politicians (including three of the SP, and one each of the BJP and BSP) have been killed in Uttar Pradesh after the elections.

Modi used to sell tea at the railway station illegally: No, Tehseen Poonawalla misinterpreted RTI information.

The claim that PM Modi might have been an illegal vendor or hawker like Avdhesh Dubey because of RTI not providing data about it is false. This is because no law was implemented by the Indian Ministry of railways that allowed vendors to acquire a license.

Free laptops to 2 crores youth under Make in India scheme: No, the viral Whatsapp message is scam

No, Prime Minister Narendra Modi hasn't announced to give free laptops to two crore youth under 'Make in India' scheme. The viral Whatsapp message is a scam to get user data.

IPS D. Roopa refused an award by Modi government : No, the claim is false because there is no such award for cops

The claim that IPS officer D. Roopa has refused to accept the Modi government's award owing to BJP MP Pragya Thakur's remarks on 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare is false. However, a few months back she had refused to accept NAMMA Bangalore Award because of a huge cash reward.

Fact Check : Verifying claims about BJP MP Pratap Sarangi being involved in Graham Stains murder in 1999

Congress Mouth-piece National Herald falsely claimed that newly elected Union Minister Pratap Sarangi was involved in the murder of Christain Missionary Graham Staines and his sons in 1999. The main accused of the case Dara Singh was a supporter of Bajrang Dal but there was no "documentary evidence to prove that he was a member or office-bearer.

Muslim Man beaten by BJP and RSS mob for not chanting Jai Shree Ram: No, he was thrashed for harassing a girl

The viral news is fake that a Muslim boy was beaten up by a mob of BJP and RSS workers for not chanting "Jai Shree Ram". He was thrashed for harassing a teenage girl.

Hawker arrested for mimicking politicians: No, he was arrested for unauthorized vending in train

Several media houses spread misleading news that a hawker named Avdesh Dubey was arrested for mimicking PM Modi and other politicians. He was arrested for illegal hawking in trains.

Smriti Irani aide was murdered by BJP workers in Amethi: No, Congress ecosystem caught spreading rumour

The DGP hasn't named any political party in the murder case of Smriti Irani's close aide but still, the Congress leaders deliberately distorted the comment of DGP to claim that Smriti Irani's aide was murdered by BJP workers.

Did petrol and diesel prices increase by 6 and 4 rupees? No, Congress IT Cell is spreading fake news

The claim that petrol and diesel prices have increased by 6 and 4 rupees respectively after PM Modi won his second term is absolutely false. It was deliberate misinformation spread by Congress IT Cell.

BJP Candidates got the same number of votes on multiple seats- 211820: No, the viral post on EVM hacking is fake

The viral post claiming that many BJP candidates secured an identical number of 2,11,820 votes in multiple constituencies in Uttar Pradesh is false.

Belagavi teenager Shivu Uppar murdered by cow smugglers: Post-mortem report confirms suicide

The claim that Shivu Uppar was murdered & hanged by cattle smugglers in Bagewadi Bus stand in Belagavi, Karnataka is false. The district police have clarified that the boy committed suicide after a fight with his father.

Man shot at in Begusarai for his ‘Muslim name’: Police says it was not a case of hate crime

As per Begusarai Police, the man was shot in Begusarai after a fight over the price of detergent. There is no communal angle in this incident and is not a case of hate crime either.

Muslim man beaten up in Gurugram for wearing skull cap: CCTV footage refutes victim's claim

The police investigation in the Gurugram case has revealed that the Muslim youth Mohammed Barkat Alam was assaulted but neither his skull was thrown nor his shirt was torn by the accused.

Gau Rakshaks beat up 3 Muslims in MP after Modi's victory: No, Swara Bhaskar and Dhruv Rathee caught spreading misinformation

Swara Bhaskar and Dhruv Rathee spread misinformation about beef violence in MP. The incident happened a day before the election result but they made a shameful attempt to link the violence with Modi's victory in the Loksabha election.

No action against the accused in Surat Fire Accident: Hardik Patel misleads his followers

Hardik Patel has falsely claimed that no action has been taken against the accused in Surat Coaching Center Fire accident case. Some of the pictures of the incident has been shared with misleading context.

Fact Check: RJD says EVM tampering done by BJP but the EVM found were only Deployed for Training Purposes

The claim made by RJD about the EVMs found in a vehicle is misleading. There was no attempt to replace any EVMs as those were deployed for training purposes. 

Fact Check : Did Anil Ambani’s Reliance group withdraw defamation suit only against Priyanka Chaturvedi?

The claim that the defamation suit was withdrawn only against Priyanka Chaturvedi is false because the reliance group has withdrawn the defamation suit against all the people and agencies they filed it at.

Fact check: Did Mamata Banerjee say if she was born in Pakistan she would have thrown atom bomb on India?

The viral image of Mamata Banerjee with the caption that if she was born in Pakistan, then she would have dropped a nuclear bomb on India is false. She has never made any statement like this.

Modi changed EVM in 200 Loksabha constituencies: No, Savita Anand of AAP tweeted a propaganda video

The video uploaded by AAP member Savita Anand was originally produced by TNN, the dubious news publisher which live streamed the press conference about EVM hacking in London. There is no evidence to suggest that PM Modi has changed EVMs in 200 Loksabha seats to win the election.

TNN had earlier claimed that Gurdaspur attack was an Indian conspiracy planned by NSA and PMO. 

Fact Check: No stones were thrown from inside the campus during Vidyasagar college violence as claimed by AltNews

Altnews prematurely declares that no stones were thrown from inside the college during Vidyasagar violence. They updated the article after we pointed out but yet to inform their readers about the correction.

Fact Check: Did PM Modi use his cloud theory to convince experts to go ahead with planned Balakot strike?

PM Modi didn't push for the Balakot air strikes against Pakistan despite overcast conditions as he felt that the cloud cover would impact the accuracy of the Pakistani radars. The primary reason was the secrecy of the strike.

His raw wisdom was not entirely off the mark as even though radars are capable of detecting objects through clouds, it is a scientifically acknowledged fact that their efficiency is better when the skies are clear.

The performance of the kill system or missile (probably RBS 70) used to bring down the intruder also gets affected due to rain and cloud.

Fact Check :Is Mayawati’s claims about Modi adding his caste in the OBC list for political gains true?

Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati accused Modi of adding his caste to the list of OBCs to gain political benefits during elections. However, her claim is wrong as his caste was included in OBC's list in 1994.

Fact Check of PM Modi's comment on using Digital Camera and Email in 1988

Contrary to what most of the media have reported, the digital camera and email existed in 1988. However, PM Modi couldn't have used email to send pictures since it was not supported in email back then. It is notable that PM Modi never directly claimed that he sent the pictures through email.

Did Mamata Banerjee Say ‘Will Slap Modi For Calling TMC Tolabaaz: No, she was talking about the slap of democracy

No, Mamta Banerjee didn't say "I want to slap Narendra Modi'. Her actual statement was "When Narendra Modi came to Bengal and accused my party of being tolabaaj, I wanted to give him a tight slap of democracy".

Fact Check: Kunal Kamra used videos from Congress rule to show mob lynching under the Modi govt

Kunal Kamra used old videos from Congress rule to show mob lynching (violence by cow vigilantes) under Modi govt.

All you need to know about alleged pamphlet, titled ‘Atishi Marlena – Know your candidate’

At this point of time, there is not even an iota of evidence which can suggest that the purported pamphlet was distributed by Gautam Gambhir or BJP.

Fact check: was a boy actually killed after getting birthday bumps from his friends?

The news of a boy dying due to birthday bumps is fake. However, Doctors suggest that birthday bumps are a bad practice to adopt and can cause enough damage to the body.

Used EVM found in Muzzafarpur, Bihar? No, it was backup EVM for replacement in case of malfunction

The presence of machines in the hotel because of the lack of management of polling officials led to the rumor that escalated to the involvement of extra EVMs in the polling.

Narendra Modi Was Not Responsible for his Father's Death: The viral newspaper clipping is fake

The newspaper cutting claiming Narendra Modi's siblings blame him for his father's death is fake. Narendra Modi's younger brother Mr. Prahlad Modi has clarified that no such incident happened and there is no FIR against PM Modi by his siblings.

Fact Check : How far Congress’ claim about conducting surgical strikes is true?

According to RTI response by DGMO, Army does not have records of any “surgical strike” conducted before September 29, 2016. The dates mentioned by Congress is of retaliation or cross border raids' dates.

Fact Check : Did army men force people to vote for BJP? Army denied the allegation

No, army men didn't force people to vote for BJP. The army has clarified that the video was recorded by miscreants who snatched the voter ids of the troops who were on their way to cast their votes. 

No gold shifted outside India since 2014: It was a rumour created by Congress mouthpiece National Herald

The media report claiming that Modi govt had secretly transported 200 tonnes of RBI’s gold to Switzerland in 2014 is false. It was a rumour created by Congress mouthpiece National Herald and spread by verified account and Congress and its IT Cells.

Congress distributed fake NYAY Forms - a Gimmick to Get Votes From People

The Congress party distributed fake NYAY forms to BPL voters in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan to mislead voters and obtain Aadhaar and other personal details.

Hans Raj Hans converted to Islam? No, Arvind Kejriwal tweeted 5 years old rumour which has resurfaced again

Hans Raj Hans converting to Islam is actually fake news spread by a Pakistani news portal in the year 2014. Hans Raj's son, Yuvraj Hans had ruled out these claims in 2014 itself and the matter was closed. But after almost five years this matter was taken up again yesterday by Arvind Kejriwal and others without checking the complete truth.  

Dalit beaten for traveling in luxury car by BJP MLA? No, the video is of inlaws beating a man for abusing his wife

A video of inlaws beating a man for physically abusing wife is being shared as BJP MLA Anil Upadhyay and his men thrashing a Dalit for riding a posh car.