The person criticising the government on the PMC bank scam in a viral video is not BJP MP Bhanu Pratap Singh

The viral claim is false that the person who criticised the government in the video is BJP's Lok Sabha MP Bhanu Pratap Singh. The person seen in the video is the National President of RJSP (Rashtriya Janhit Sangharsh Party) Bhanu Pratab Singh. The name of both the person is similar.

Fact Check: The reality of viral HDFC bank passbook picture showing deposit up to only one lakh insured

An image of the HDFC bank passbook with some information about 'deposit insurance cover' is doing rounds on social, creating chaos among people. The information in the image is true and is stamped as per an RBI circular. 

Fact Check: Did Md Amir Rashid from BJP Minority Wing offer Rs 51 lakh in 2016 for beheading kamlesh Tiwari?

The man in the video is Maulana Anwar-ul-Haq, the head Imam of Jama Masjid in Bijnor UP. He is not associated with BJP or RSS.

Fact check: Did a Hindu man burn Indian Flag in favour of Saffron flag?

The claim is false that a Hindu man burnt the national flag of India because he wants to wave saffron instead of the Indian flag. He burnt the Indian flag in protest against the Central Government not setting up the Cauvery Management Board. 

Fact Check: Did Rahul Gandhi say he will move to London and his children will study in America?

A viral video of Rahul Gandhi saying that he would move to London and his children will study in America is a doctored video. A video of his speech in Latur, Maharashtra on October 13, 2019, has been clipped and joined in a way to present this viral claim.

Fact Check: Mumbai Congress MLA Naseem Khan did not raise Pakistan Zindabad slogan

The viral claim is false that Congress party MLA Naseem Khan raised slogans of 'Pakistan Zindabad'. The video has tampered. Naseem Khan spoke in the context of Pakistan zindabad Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

All you need to know about Murshidabad Triple Murder - No political angle as Prime accused arrested

The West Bengal police have said that prima facie the case is of personal enmity and it has nothing to do with politics.

Old and unrelated photos are being shared to claim that beach plogging exercise by PM Modi was staged

A picture widely shared on social media claiming to be of 'crew members', hired to shoot PM Modi's plogging at Mallapuram Beach is an old one. Several old and unrelated photos are being shared to claim that beach plogging by PM Modi was staged.

Fact Check: Wikileaks have never published any list about black money held by Indians in Swiss Bank

Viral Post claiming to be the information revealed by Wikileaks about Indian's black money in the Swiss Bank is false. Wikileaks never published any list about Indian's black money in Swiss Bank. 

Fact Check: Can a citizen from Pakistan get Kashmir citizenship by marrying a Kashmiri girl?

Can a citizen from Pakistan get Indian or Kashmiri citizenship by marrying a Kashmiri woman (permanent state subject)? 

Viral image claiming to be captured at the time of assassination of Mahatma Gandhi is a still from an old movie

A picture is being shared on social media claiming to be captured at the time of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. However, the FactHunt investigation revealed that it is a screenshot from an old movie 'Nine Hours to Rama', depicting the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by Nathuram Godse. 

Why lottery offers are applicable for all Indian citizens except the customers of Tamil Nadu?

HDFC’s terms and conditions for a contest which are valid for Indian citizens but not applicable to customers in Tamil Nadu are not discriminatory. The Lottery itself was banned by the Tamil Nadu government in 2003.

Do tribal people really believe that Goddess Durga was a sex worker?

Some tribes in Jharkhand do consider Mahisasur as their ancestor but even those people don't think Goddess Durga was a sex worker. The theory was started by an obscure hate magazine named “Yadav-Shakti” in April 2011 and further promoted by an evangelist Christian magazine, Forward Press.

Fact Check : Is a Hindu doctor Uma Verma intentionally killing Muslim kids during delivery in Burhanpur, MP

The viral claim is false that Dr. Uma Verma has been intentionally killing Muslim kids in Burhanpur government Hospital, MP.  Even though there are several complaints against her, there is no media report to substantiate the claim that she has killed 107 kids until now.

No, Indian Airforce did not release the actual footage of Balakot Strike - It is a promotional video

A representational video released by the IAF on the eve of Air Force Day was misreported by several media houses as real footage of the Balakot strike. Air Chief clarified during the press conference that there were “no shots of Balakot strikes in the promotional video.

Fact Check: Bihar mob lynching incident shared with false Communal narratives.

The viral claim is false that Abu Kamil was beaten up by his own community members for sexually assaulting a girl. He was beaten up by the mob after he was mistaken as a thief.

No, the central government is not reintroducing the FRDI Bill 2017 in Parliament

The claim is false that the Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance (FRID) Bill 2017 is being reintroduced in Parliament. The Bill was introduced in Parliament in 2017 and withdrawn in 2018.

Fact Check: Is CRPF stopping monthly ration money to its 3 lakh personnel due to lack of funds?

It's true that the CRPF jawans haven't received the ration allowance for the month of September. However, the CRPF has clarified that it will be paid shortly.

Fact Check: Is the video of Greta Thunberg addressing PM Modi over the climate change doctored?

The video of Greta Thunberg addressing PM Modi over the climate change is not doctored. It was uploaded on social media by Brut India on Feb 20, 2019.

Man thrashed for advocating Hindu Rashtra in Mangaluru mall - media misreports the incident

Several media houses misreported that a Muslim youth was beaten up by mobs. The victim was a Hindu man who was beaten for suggesting India is a Hindu Rashtra.

RBI rebuts social media rumors on plan to shut nine commercial banks

The viral claim is false that RBI is planning to shut nine commercial banks. In a statement, RBI rejected rumors about closure of banks.

Arvind Kejriwal and other AAP members spread rumors about the implementation of NRC (National Register of Citizens)

The claim of AAP party that if NRC is implemented in Delhi then people from other states will have to leave the capital is false. According to NRC, only illegal migrants in the country will have to leave. Any citizen of India has the freedom to reside and settle in any part of the country. 

Fact check: video from Pakistan shared as Indian Army torturing women in Kashmir

The viral incident took place in Pakistan's Multan, where police beat up women outside a court and the video has nothing to do with India

Shashi Tharoor shares photo of Pandit Nehru in Russia as a photo showing huge gathering in USA

Shashi Tharoor tweets a photo of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi in Soviet Russia as an image from the USA.

8 years old image shared with false claim that Pigeons have died in the Jamia Mosque Srinagar due to starvation

8 years old image of dead pigeons clicked in Manchester, the United Kingdom shared with a false claim that Pigeons have died in the Jamia Mosque Srinagar due to starvation.

No, Babul Supriyo did not elbow a girl in Jadhavpur university - Misleading picture goes viral

The claim that Babul Supriyo elbowed a girl during the face-off in Jadhavpur university is false. The video footage of the incident confirms that the person in the viral picture is a man and Supriyo was only trying to protect himself.

Tulsi Gabbard denied refusing invitation to attend Howdy Modi event in Houston

The claim that Tulsi Gabbard rejected an invite to the "Howdy Modi" event in Houston on 22 September is false. Tulsi Gabbard herself clarified that she will not be able to attend the Howdy Modi event due to previously scheduled presidential campaign-related events.

No, Raghuram Rajan did not slam Piyush Goyal: Several media houses fell for parody account

The viral claim is fake that former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has reprimanded Piyush Goyal's statement. Several media houses source the tweet from an unofficial parody account of the former RBI governor.

Fact Check: Do Kashmiri women lose her right over ancestral properties if she marries a non-Kashmiri

Do Kashmiri women lose their right over ancestral properties if they marry a non-state subject? This post debunks the widely held belief about Kashmiri Women.

Ali Sohrab shared a clipped video: Smriti Irani never said that Durga Puja is the most controversial and racist festival

The video tweeted by Ali Sohrab is clipped and he has falsely attributed the quote the Smriti Irani. She was actually reading out the statement of JNU students.

3 years old video shared with a false claim that Delhi police stopped ambulance for Manoj Tiwari's convoy

The traffic in the viral video was stopped for the convoy of the Malaysian Prime Minister in 2017 and has nothing to do with MP Manoj Tiwari.

2 years old video of skirmish between Indian and chines troops in Ladakh shared as recent one

There was a scuffle between Indian and Chinese soldiers near Pangong Tso lake in Ladakh on 11th September. However, the video being shared on social media is an old one from 2017. 

Fact Check: Are newspapers not being published in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 on Aug 5

Some publications like Rising Kashmir and Greater Kashmir were hit by the shutdown in the valley but Kashmir Times was always operational in the valley.

No need to do the work that you cannot do - No, Mamta Banerjee never made this statement for ISRO

Mamta Banerjee never said to ISRO scientists that there is no need to do the work that you can't do. However, she did mock Chandrayan 2 mission by stating that the entire mission was planned by the government to divert the attention of people from a failing economy.

Fake Twitter accounts of ISRO Chief K Sivan floods Twitter

Several fake accounts of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and it's head Kailasavadivoo Sivan( K. Sivan) have been created on social media after the buzz of Chandrayaan 2.

The wire and Abhishar Sharma falsely claimed that AAJ Tak ran a show titled - Ab Chand Modi Ki Mutthi Me

The wire and Abhishar Sharma falsely claimed that AAJ Tak ran a show titled - Ab Chand Modi Ki Mutthi Me. They fell for a photoshopped picture.

Fact Check: Did Washington Post use old image of Lal Chowk to depict the current situation in Srinagar

The picture of the same spot with anti-India slogans written on shop's doors in Srinagar is available on the web since 2016.

Fact Check: Were Ganpati idols thrown on Sabarmati river front by people

The old video related to the immersion of the idols of Dashama in Ahmedabad is now being shared with Ganapathi idols being left on the river bank.

Fact Check: Salary cut for ISRO scientists ahead of Chandrayaan-2 launch

In an order issued on June 12, 2019, the central government said that the incentive grant amount being given to ISRO scientists and engineers in the form of two additional increments since 1996 is being discontinued.

5 years old video From Lahore, Pakistan shared to show atrocity by the Indian Army on innocent elders in Kashmir

5 years old video from Lahore, Punjab province of Pakistan shared to show Indian army using force against innocent elders in Kashmir.

An old video of Pakistan Police shared as atrocities on civilians by the police in Jammu and Kashmir

The viral video is from 2013 when members of Pakistan Elite Force acted against people protesting against electricity cut in the area. The video is now viral to show the atrocities on civilians by the police in Jammu and Kashmir.

A video of Save Merit Save Nation rally in Nagpur shared as a video of protest against scrapping of Article 370

The video has no relation to the situation in Kashmir. It is from Save Merit Save Nation rally in Nagpur which was organised to oppose an increase in the caste-based reservation.

Fact Check: Supposedly scripted video showing mistreatment by police in Sindh, falsely claimed to be from Kashmir

A supposedly scripted video showing mistreatment by police in Sindh is going viral on social media to show atrocity by Indian forces in Kashmir.

CM Devendra Fadnavis forces police to open account in Axis Bank: No, police salary account are already with Axis Bank since 2005

The claim is false that Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis helped Axis bank by transferring salary account of Maharasthra police. The salary account of Maharasthra police has been with the bank since 2005.

Fact Check : Did the Nizam of Hyderabad donate 5000 kgs of gold in 1965?

The Nizam of Hyderabad didn't donate 5000 Kgs of Gold to the government in 1965. He had invested 425 kgs of gold in the National Defence Gold Scheme with an interest rate of 6.5%.

Fact Check : Is BJP’s negligence the reason for UP’s low health parameters as claimed by Akhilesh Yadav?

Akhilesh Yadav highlighted poor health parameters of UP in recently released Niti Ayog's Health Index report. However, he was himself in power during the majority of the time period of the report.

RBI transfers Rs 1.76 lakh crore to the central government - Was RBI looted by the government?

Reserve Bank of India on August 26 approved a transfer of 1.76 lakh crore to Government, this was the first time that the Central Bank has transferred such huge amount. This post looks at Jalan Committee recommendations and concern raised by the opposition over government acquiring the amount.

Video of a man being thrashed for molesting a woman in Meerut shared as mob lynching of Madrasa teacher in Delhi

The video of a man getting thrashed for allegedly molesting a girl in Meerut is being shared as a video of the murder of a Madrasa teacher in Delhi.

Youth congress tweets fake news following the withdrawal of SPG security cover for Manmohan Singh

It was not the BJP government that had provided Mukesh Ambani with the SPG security cover but it was the UPA government decision during its tenure in 2013.

Rumors about the illness of Acharya Balkrishna - No proof that he consumes cannabis (Ganja).

There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that Acharya Balakrishna consumes cannabis (Ganja). The name of Acharya on the viral report is wrong.