BJP candidate's pant dropped during speech: No, TV9 Marathi aired an old video with misleading claim

TV9 Marathi aired an old video to falsely claim that BJP candidate's pant dropped while campaigning. The man in the video is Mohd Umar Siddique of Uttarakhand Kranti Dal whose pant dropped while campaigning for Udham Singh Nagar municipal polls.

Fact Check: one crore job lost due to demonetisation - no, congress misquoted the report

The official Twitter handle of Congress misquoted the ‘State of Working India 2019’ report to claim that 1 crore jobs lost due to demonetisation.

CIA, KGB, MOSAD survey says that NDA will lose 2019 election? No, the BBC Survey is fake

BBC Hindi Editor clarified that they have not conducted any political survey that claims that BJP will lose the forthcoming Elections in India.

Fact Check: Was Rahul Gandhi arrested by FBI in 2001? - No, the paper cutting going viral is fake

Rahul Gandhi was detained in Boston airport in 2001 by FBI but the reason for detention is not known. The newspaper clipping claiming that Rahul Gandhi was arrested for carrying unaccounted cash and drugs is fake.

Murli Manohar Joshi's letter creates an earthquake within BJP ranks: No, the letter with ANI watermark is fake

The letter of Murali Manohar Joshi to L.K Advani with the watermark of ANI is fake. As per ANI, no such letter exists.

Fact Check: BJP-led North MCD demolishes newly-built 'mohalla clinic

The under-construction building of Mohalla Clinic in Karol Bagh was demolished by North MCD because it was being illegally constructed without any NOC. 

Fact Check: Did Pakistani pilots receive training to fly Rafale? French ambassador denied the report

French Ambassador to India, Alexandre Ziegler has rubbished a news report claiming Pakistani exchange officers received training in France to fly the Rafale jets sold to Qatar.

Food meant for officials served on behalf of a political party: SSP denies the involvement of any political party

SSP Noida has denied the involvement of any political party in Namo Food packets. Food was procured from a local Namo Food shop and there was no official order to procure food from any particular food outlet.

Muslim girl ‘harassed for not wearing BJP cap’ : No, Times of India published one sided story

In her written complaint, she mentioned "molestation" and took the accused’s names, but did not mention the word “BJP” or "Muslim" or that she was targeted for her religious identity. There is no evidence as of now which can suggest that she was harassed for not wearing BJP cap. 

BJP leaders knew about the amount in IT raid: No, Priyanka Chaturvedi's claim is wrong

The claim that BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya already had information about the figure of raids conducted on the close aides of MP CM Kamal Nath is false because the figure was already disclosed by media much before his tweet. 

Fact Check: No, Whatsapp will not verify Fake News during Loksabha Election

Whatsapp will not be verifying fake news this General Elections. The initiative has been undertaken to amass fake news commonly circulated and to analyse the trend and not to verify it.

Fact Check: The viral quote about Hindu Goddess attributed to Shabana Azmi is not completely false

Shabana Azmi's claim that she has been falsely attributed to an infographic carrying insulting" remarks against Hindu goddesses in false. She had indeed tweeted a similar message during Dura Puja in 2017.

No, You can’t vote if your name is not in the voter list: The viral message about the Challenge Vote is fake

The claim that one can vote by showing Aadhar card or voter ID through Challenge Vote if the name is missing in the voter list is false. A tendered vote is only when one finds that someone else has voted against his/her name in the voter list. A person whose name is not in the voter list cannot vote at any condition.

Was Congress Leader Urmila Matondkar misquoted or she indeed called Hinduism the most violent religion?

In a video interview with Rajdeep Sardesai, Urmila Matondkar was clearly heard saying that the religion which has been known for its religious tolerance has turned out to be the most violent religion of them all". It is a bit absurd that she has now claimed to be grossly misquoted.

Congress and its supporters shared an old picture as recent one to show huge crowd at Rahul Gandhi's rally in Nagpur

The official twitter handle of Youth Congress and Congress' media spokesperson tweeted an old image from 2016 to show a huge crowd at Rahul Gandhi's rally in Nagpur.

54,000 people about to go jobless in BSNL: No, CMD of BSNL denied the unverified media reports

Media reports that BSNL has approved the reduction of retirement age to 58 years from the existing 60 years is false. Other figures like 54000 people will be laid off are also false since it is a voluntary retirement service which can't be forced.

Law student harassed on college trip because of her Muslim identity: HOD denied the whole incident

A law student from Dewan law college had accused her Hindu classmates of harassing her because of her religion during a college trip.

However, H.O.D, Ambuj Sharma denied the whole incident while talking to Dushyant Dubey and Madhur Singh.

Fact Check: ISRO had to Use Cycles and Bullock Carts while Rahul Gandhi celebrated his birthday in flight

During the first rocket launch by India in 1963 from Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launch Station (TERLS), only one Jeep was available due to which rocket parts and payloads were transported by bullock carts and bicycle to the launch pad.

Alka Lamba shared 3 years old images of faction fight as BJP workers fighting with each other in Kolkata

The images shared by Congress IT Cell guy and Alka Lambha are 3 years old and was taken during a faction fight which happened just before West Bengal Legislative Assembly election in 2016.

Fact Check: Are Hindus a Minority in Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency as claimed by PM Modi

Zainab Sikander falsely accused PM Modi of lying about the demographics of Wayanad Loksabha Constituency. As per a report by India Today Wayanad Loksabha constituency has 57.98% Muslim votes.

A Film maker Aarti Patel distanced herself from "Save Democracy" campaign to vote out BJP from the power

One of the filmmakers Aarti Patel whose name is in the list of signatory has come out to call the list fake which raises a serious concern about the authenticity of the campaign.

ISKCON Appealed Followers To Vote For Mamata Banerjee: No, ISCKON denied involvement in the viral video

No, ISKCON hasn't appealed its followers to vote for Mamata Banerjee in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. ISKCON is no way associated with the viral video being circulated on social media.

NIA judge Ravindra Reddy joined BJP: No, he is former Congress leader Ramdayal who joined BJP

Many journalists like Nidhi Razdan and Saurav Datta shared the picture of Congress leader Ramdayal Uike joining BJP as NIA judge who acquitted Aseemanand.

Fact Check: Did UPA government under Manmohan Singh initiate the ASAT program?

Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel falsely claimed that UPA government had initiated the ASAT programme. The fact is the program was given a go-ahead by the NDA government under PM Modi.

Fact Check: Did BJP break the rule of Article 164 (1A) by appointing 11 ministers in 40 members Legislative Assembly?

According to Article 164 (1A), the 15% rule doesn't apply if the number of ministers is less than 12.

False claims made regarding the Khelo India App launch and Modi’s participation in it

All the available evidence suggests that PM Modi had launched Khelo India app on 27th morning almost hours before the official news of Indian pilot in Pakistan's custody broke out.

Sreenivasan Jain of NDTV caught spreading misinformation in his show Truth Vs Hype

Sreenivasan Jain of NDTV messed up with launch and foundation stone to falsely claim that PM Modi has been re-launching different projects without any groundwork.

Fact Check: Did Hindus Attack Gurdwara Sahib in Kaithal - Separating facts from rumours

According to Kaithal Deputy Commissioner Priyanka Soni, the situation turned violent due to political differences in the village.

Randeep Surjewala tweeted a distorted video: Kalraj Mishra didn't say he would have shot protesters

Congress leader Randeep Surjewala tweeted a distorted video of Kalraj Mishra to falsely claim that he intimidated the protesters by saying that he would have shot them if it would have been his state.

Fact check : Is Amartya Sen's claim about the Ayushman Bharat neglecting primary health care true?

Amartya Sen’s argument that Ayushman Bharat neglects the primary health care is not true. Health and Wellness Centres (HWCs) under Ayushman Bharat focuses on Primary Health care by covering both maternal and child health services. 

Swastika or Nazi symbol: Decoding the symbol in Arvind Kejriwal's tweet

The symbol in Arvind Kejriwal's tweet is not Swastika which is considered holy in Hinduism but a symbol of Nazi Party of German in the early 20th century.

Najeeb Ahmed from JNU joined ISIS: No, it is just a rumour

The claim that Najeeb Ahmed has joined ISIS is not true as per the Delhi Police. However, another person named Najeeb from Kerala had joined ISIS which created the confusion that Najeeb Ahmed from JNU had joined ISIS.

Fact check : Did PM Modi support Ballot Paper over EVM when he was not the prime minister?

No, PM Modi didn't support Ballot paper over EVM when he was not the prime minister. The video is a clipped version of PM Modi's speech in Parivartan Rally at Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh on December 3, 2016.

Fact Check : Twitter claims that Indian spy drone was shot down by Pakistan, proven fake.

A Pakistani journalist working for a news agency called Dawn falsely claimed that Indian spy drone was shot down by the Pakistani Army.

Fact Check : Was leave approved only to Rajiv Gandhi during Indo-Pak war in 1971?

Due to lack of evidence, we haven't provided any conclusion to the claim that Rajiv Gandhi was the only pilot of Indian Airlines whose leave was approved during the 1971 Indo-Pak war.

Fact Check : Train coach set on fire to recreate Godhra attack for ‘biopic on Modi’

As per Daval Pandya, a member of the film unit, the train coach was not burnt. They had the NOC from the railways to use a mock-drill bogie for shooting which was returned in proper condition.

Fact Check: No salaries paid to employees of Sardar Patel Statue from past 3-4 months

According to authorities, only 8 employees' salary was withheld for non-compliance of basic details for employment. While In a couple of cases salary was not credited to the account of the person for want of correct details of Bank account furnished by employees.

Fact Check: Did Sheila Dixit say Manmohan Singh was not as strong as PM Modi in dealing terror

Sheila Dixit had indeed said that the former PM was not as strong or as determined as PM Modi perhaps. But it shouldn't be considered as a criticism of Manmohan Singh and endorsement of PM Modi as she said that PM Modi doest for electoral gains.

Fact Check : Was Pakistan’s F-16 shot down by Abhinandan Varthaman?

As per the Indian government,  there are eyewitness accounts and electronic evidence to prove that an Indian Air Force MiG-21 Bison, piloted by Wing Commander Varthaman, shot down a Pakistan Air Force F-16 fighter aircraft.

Fact Check : No, Savarkar was not the architect of Two Nation Theory which led the partition

As per Savarkar's Two Nation Theory, "there are two nations in India, India shall not be divided into two parts, one for Muslims and the other for the Hindus; that the two nations shall dwell in one country and shall live under the mantle of one single constitution."

Fact Check of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's maiden speech after joining active politics

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's claim that PM Modi had promised to deposit Rs 15 lakh in the bank account and create 2 crore jobs every year is false.

70 percent ads revenue of Facebook India came from BJP supporting pages: No, Dhruv Rathee misleads again

Dhruv Rathee falsely claimed that BJP supporting pages contributed 70% of Facebook India's revenue from ads in last one month.

Rape of Draupadi in front of Arjuna in Bhil Mahabharata: A fine reflection of moral bankruptcy of our society

This building up of Karna and Vasuki as a hero at the expense of an innocent woman is a fine reflection of the moral bankruptcy of our society today.

News about Air Marshal C Hari Kumar being sacked from his post, proven false.

Air Marshal C Hari Kumar was not sacked by India but he retired on 28th Feb. The rumour was fuelled by Big News which is a portal run by SFI leader Shebeer Kl.

Fact Check : Is PM right about his claim that no bulletproof jacket was procured during UPA-2 rule

PM Modi's claim that no bulletproof jackets were acquired during the UPA 2 rule is correct. His other claim that 2.3 lakh bulletproof jackets have been bought since 2014 correct as well.

Fact Check : Claims of Rahul Gandhi and Modi about the Amethi Ordanance Factory reviewed and verified

Rahul Gandhi falsely accused PM Modi of lying about no rifles being produced by the Ordnance Factory in Amethi. 

Claims about HAL manufacturing the Mirage 2000 Jets used in the surgical strike 2 proven false

HAL does look upon the maintenance and up-gradation of the Mirage 2000 jets but they are not the manufacturer of the fighter jets used in the surgical strike. 

Viral posts about Female IAF Pilots apparently involved in the Balakot air strike, proven false

The images of several women pilots were shared on social media with a misleading claim that they were involved in the Balakot air strike conducted by the Indian Air Force on 26th Feb. IAF hasn't revealed the identity of any officer involved in the mission.

Fact Check: Did IAF wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman accuse Indian Media of spreading hate

A screenshot of a tweet from the fake account of IAF wing commander Abhinandan Varthaman accusing Indian media of spreading hate is going viral on social media.

Fact Check : Analysing the claims of Modi hoisting the National Flag in Lal Chowk, 1992.

The wire and Swati Chaturvedi spread lies about PM Modi's role in Ekta Yatra in 1992. PM Modi was the convenor of the Yatra, not just a party worker participating in the event as claimed by The Wire.