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Debunking the Myth: Giant Octopus Attacking a Car in Qatar

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The video showing an octopus climbing on top of a car and eventually crushing its roof is not real and was created using 3D software.

In the age of the internet, it's not uncommon for bizarre and sensational videos to go viral, capturing the attention and imagination of millions around the world. One such video that circulated on social media recently depicted a supposed giant octopus attacking a car in Qatar. In the video, an octopus climbing on top of a car and eventually crushing its roof is being shared on the internet as a recent incident from Qatar.While the footage may seem intriguing at first glance, it's essential to apply critical thinking and consider the scientific facts before jumping to conclusions.

Debunking the Myth

  1. Lack of Credible Sources

The first red flag when encountering this video is the absence of credible sources or news outlets reporting on such an incident. A genuine event of this magnitude, involving a creature as large and unusual as a giant octopus attacking a car, would undoubtedly attract significant media attention. The lack of any credible news reports or statements from authorities in Qatar should make us question the authenticity of the video.

  1. Poor Quality and Editing

Upon closer examination of the video, several aspects raise doubts about its authenticity. The quality of the footage is notably low, making it difficult to discern details clearly. Furthermore, the editing and visual effects appear amateurish, leading us to question whether this video was manipulated or created as a hoax. In today's digital age, it's relatively easy for skilled individuals to create convincing special effects.

  1. Unprecedented Behavior

Octopuses are fascinating creatures, known for their intelligence and adaptability. However, the behavior depicted in the video—attacking a car—goes against everything we know about these marine animals. Octopuses are generally shy and elusive, preferring to hide or escape when faced with potential threats rather than actively engaging in aggressive behavior. There is no scientific evidence to support the idea that giant octopuses would target cars or engage in such behavior.

  1. Our investigation

A closer look showed that the car's number plate carried text that said "@ghost3dee", as opposed to a genuine combination of letters and numbers.

Taking this as a hint, we searched for Ghost3dee on various platforms and came across an Instagram account named '@ghost3dee' whose bio mentioned words such as "CG generalist" and carried names of software like Houdini, Max, ZBrush, and Substance.

We found the same video uploaded on 25 September. In the caption of the video, the user mentioned hashtags like #simulation and #creatureanimation. The user indicated that the video was rendered on Snaprender Farm, a tool that helps users create 3D arts easily.

We also came across different videos of the octopus that were uploaded to the account. 


The evidence overwhelmingly points to the conclusion that the giant octopus attack in Qatar is nothing more than a creative piece of fiction.

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