Fact Check: Slogans calling to shoot RSS workers raised in a protest rally against the alleged lynching of Tabrez Ansari

Posted on 2019-07-10 09:40:44 by Himani Joshi


The video shared by Sudarshan News is old and the audio has been altered to show the crowd calling to shoot RSS workers. However, in an SDPI Rally, Crowd had indeed shouted slogans to shoot RSS workers.

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Since the death of Tabrez Ansari, the accused of theft in Jharkhand last month, many fake videos are being viral on social media. In a video clip shared on Facebook and Twitter, some people are seen swiping swords and various types of weapons, as well as these people, are sloganeering against RSS.

Twitter handle of Sudarshan News, tweeted a video claiming that some religious fanatics are raising slogans to kill RSS workers. The caption reads, “In entire Bharat, religious fanatics are on the roads in a dangerous way, With naked swords in hand they are chanting slogans – Shoot down the people wearing Khakhi shorts, The signal of shooting directs towards RSS and other Hindu organizations”.

The tweet received more than 2600 likes and 2860 retweets at the time of writing this article. After that, the tweet has been deleted. However, you can see the archived version of the tweet here.

The same post is also shared on Facebook by Sudarshan News. The post has more than 5000 shares.

You can see the video here:

The same video was also shared by a tweeter user name Sawala Parmar with the claim "Aligarh: By raising the slogans calling to shoot RSS workers', a 16-year-old RSS worker was beaten by a crowd of Muslims by burning wood".

Our Investigation

When we started searching through the name of Muharram Video, we found this viral video which is uploaded in youtube with the title "Dehri on sone Muharram 2017". And there are no provocative slogans in it. In this video, what can be heard is a loudspeaker announcement saying "Keep moving, you are requested to keep moving slowly".

You can see the video here:

We did a frame by frame comparison to establish that the two video are the same. In both the video, at the 5th second, someone can be seen recording the video on phone. The phone looks exactly the same in both the video. Again in the 12th minute, another person can be seen recording the video on a blue-colored phone which is again the same in the video.

Above evidences are enough to prove that both the video are from the same incident and only audio has been altered.

Conclusion: The video shared by Sudarshan News is old and the audio has been altered.

Slogans to shoot RSS workers raised at SDPI Rally

We found another video in which the same slogans have been raised. The video was shared by Hyderabad Deccan News on June 30. As per the description, the video is from SDPI biggest rally against Mob Lynching Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand.

To verify the authenticity of the video, we tried to see the lip-sync with the audio and found that the audio has not been morphed in this case. Slogans like "Murdabad murdabad", "Golia Maro Salon ko", etc are in perfect sync with the lips movement of the crowd.


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