Fact check: was a boy actually killed after getting birthday bumps from his friends?

Posted on 2019-05-09 11:14:27 by Himani Joshi


The news of a boy dying due to birthday bumps is fake. However, Doctors suggest that birthday bumps are a bad practice to adopt and can cause enough damage to the body.

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A video has become increasingly viral on social media claiming that birthday boy died in his own birthday party the video shown that a boy falling on the ground in a room is being beaten by his friends with tambourines the boy are laughing in the mood of fun there is a cake on the table nearby. He was thrashed by his friends so dreadful at his birthday party in the name of " Birthday Bumps " he suffered injuries and died.

You can watch the video here:

Birthday bumps' are a kind of birthday wishes in which people kick the birthday boy by their arms and legs to celebrating his\her birthday.

Many people including Virender Sehwag, news channel TV 9  Telugu shared this video saying that this boy has died. Thousands of people have also shared this video on their social media account and started reacting on the birthday boy's death

Virender Sehwag said while sharing this video, "It is very sad. A student who was beaten on a birthday party has died. This is an attack and there is no way to celebrate it. Please be responsible and beat you on a birthday, this is not a funny thing. 

After that, a tweeter user named Raghuraj commented on the tweet about this video of swag saying that this is a piece of fake news. Raghurajan wrote that the boy who was killed was a student of his college and nothing happened to him. After this Virendra Sehwag deleted his tweet.

Aajtak's fact check said that in order to know the truth of this video, they started searching for the same Raghuraj, who claimed in reply to Sehwag's tweet that this boy belongs to the same college. 

They came to know that Raghuraj from East Soviet Russia reads in a country Kyrgyzstan. They tried to contact Raghuraj Singh but they did not respond to their message. But on Raghuraj's Facebook profile, they got a group photo, in which Raghuraj was present along with all the people studying in the same college. One of these people was Deepak Aanjna. These people read in a college in Bishkek, capital of Kyrgyzstan.

They contacted Deepak and he said that the boy who is beating in a viral video is his companion. But the news of his death is utterly wrong. With the help of Deepak, they talked directly to the boy whose death is claimed by many people. He told that this incident is December 2018, when his birthday was and friends had done this to him. Since the video has become viral with the news of his death, he is in a lot of stress and it is also investigated in the college.

The boy is himself telling the truth of the news of his death on social media. 

We were also able to independently establish that the video is from Kyrgyzstan and not India.

Conclusion: No, the boy in the video didn't die due to birthday bumps. The video is from Kyrgyzstan and not India and the boy is very much alive.

Birthday bumps can be dangerous

Even though the news is fake, birthday bumps can be dangerous. Doctors suggest that birthday bumps are a bad practice to adopt and can cause enough damage to the body. Speaking about the same, Dr Sharad Malhotra, Senior Consultant & HoD, Gastroenterology, Aakash Healthcare Super Speciality Hospital says:

"Birthday bumps can turn fatal and even cause pancreatic injuries, to say the least. When the body is hit by any blunt force or trauma, enzymes from the pancreas release and disrupt digestive juices and that is very critical. Any kind of damage to delicate organs, including the liver and the pancreas can be highly fatal. A birthday bump also puts pressure on the spine and backbone, leading to spinal injuries. Hence, any such practice, though considered 'playful' or 'friendly' should be avoided."

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