No semen detected in the Holi balloon submitted by Delhi student

Posted on 2018-06-03 14:55:40 by Shreya Gupta


Forensic Science Laboratory report states that no semen could be detected on the balloon sample submitted by the two students who had alleged that some men threw semen filled balloon at them on the eve of Holi earlier this year.

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It was during the Holi season this year that two separate complaints were filed
by some students of Lady Shree Ram College at the Greater Kailash police
station. During investigation, the clothes of the complainants worn at the time
of incident were taken and sent to FSL for examination.
Following the incident, several media houses took to reporting the mishap
according to their vested interests. Some sought for ignoring the fact that it was
still an alleged incident and the investigation was on. But went for bashing the
‘Holi culture’ of India in a clear resentment for religious sentiments of Hindus
across the country. On more than one occasion, a few journalists turned
keyboard warriors had it highlighted in their reports that Holi has more to deal
with hooliganism than to happiness and colours. Quoting a journo from her
twitter handle, “This is shameful and disgusting. Are semen-filled balloons now an
expression of Hindu pride during Holi?”

Very mockingly, not only did she barge on the festival of Holi but also made sure
that a communal angle is not missed out. Not to forget that until then the
investigating team hadn’t even cleared out the doubts of semen in a balloon.
These were among those journalists who had been quite infamous about their
Left-leaning sentiments but have a thing for Hindu bashing trends on occasions
more than one.
Interestingly, two months later it was reported by the Forensic Science
Laboratory that there was no semen found on the samples. Thereby making it
clear that the balloons didn’t had any semen in them.

In no time, the news spread and the fake agenda of Hindu bashing was put to grave. Still throwing
balloons is a violation of Section 144, the report added.
The media houses in a democracy act as its fourth pillar, but the indicating bias
is noless than a poison for its role. News should be based on facts and the
readers must act as an opinion maker accordingly.


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