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FACT CHECK: Is government going to reimpose lockdown from December 1?

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A morphed tweet purportedly by ABP news is being widely shared on social media platforms to falsely claim that the government planning to reimpose a lockdown from December 1. 

In the backdrop of the second wave of Coronavirus pandemic and increasing case in the national capital Delhi, a tweet purportedly by ABP news is doing rounds on social media platforms claiming that the government is going to re-impose a nationwide lockdown from December 1, 2020.

The purported tweet by ABP news is being widely shared on social media platforms and hence creating chaos among the public. 

Many Twitter users started tagging ABP while sharing the tweet to confirm whether this news is true or not. 

The viral screenshot of the tweet reads as "PM @narendramodi Growing covid cases in India were said to be..... Will again start Lockdown! Due to the increase of cases in india fast.. This time there will be no freedom in lockdown..And this will be applicable from 01 Dec 2020."

The truth behind the claim 

In our investigation, we found this claim to be false. The government is not going to implement lockdown from December 1, as of now.

We did not find any credible media report stating that the government is planning to implement a lockdown from December. Moreover, the fact-checking arm of the Press Information Bureau also debunked the rumors on Twitter that is doing rounds on social media. PIB FactCheck wrote "A tweet allegedly posted by a prominent media outlet claims that due to the growing number of #COVID19 cases in the country, the Govt. is going to re-impose a nationwide lockdown from 1st December #PIBFactCheck: This tweet is #Morphed. No such decision has been taken by the Govt." 

Dismissing the fake news, a fact check by the Press Information Bureau (PIB) stated that the government has not announced any such decision.

The viral screenshot of the tweet by ABP news

A cursory look at the screenshot itself reveals that it has been morphed. There is a lot of grammatical mistake in the purported tweet and the distance between the sentences in the tweet is also different. Notedly, the same screenshot is being shared by a number of people and thus making it evident that the viral screenshot is morphed. 

In conclusion, a morphed tweet purportedly by ABP news is being widely shared on social media platforms to falsely claim that the government planning to reimpose a lockdown from December 1. 

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