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Fact Check: An old video showing people pelting stones at a motor cavalcade of Nitish Kumar revived

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An old video from 2018 showing people pelting bricks and stones at a motor cavalcade of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been revived on social media platforms and is being falsely shared as a recent one.

Recently, a video surfaced on social media platforms showing people pelting bricks and stones at a motor cavalcade of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. The widely circulated video shows vehicles passing through a road while bricks and stones are being thrown at them by people standing along the road. After the vehicles have passed, the police personnel can be seen chasing the villagers and caning them.

The video is being widely circulated on Twitter with a caption in Hindi that can be roughly translated to, "Nitish Kumar, why do you do such a good job That you have to run away from the public The good governance of Bihar, Babu, he has done so much work, is driving people away."

The video was also shared on Facebook with a Bhojpuri caption that translates to 'What's there in Bihar, there's spring in Bihar, there's Nitish Kumar, there's stone-pelting'.

The truth behind the claim

In our investigation, we found that the video which is now being widely circulated is from 2018.

With the help of a relevant keyword search, we found the same video uploaded on the Facebook page of Aaj Tak on January 14, 2018, stating that the Bihar chief minister's cavalcade attacked. The Hindi caption with the Aaj Tak post translates to 'Bihar: Watch how people pelted stones at chief minister Nitish Kumar's cavalcade'.

Several other news websites also published reports on the incident. 

According to a Hindustan Times report published on January 14, 2018, the incident took place in Bihar's Buxar district. The CM's vehicle procession had come under heavy stone pelting in Nandgaon village of the district on January 12 when Kumar had gone there as part of his Vikas Sameeksha Yatra.

Reportedly, the people throwing stones at the CM's motorcade belonged to the Maha Dalit category and were angry over being neglected in the development process. It was further added that 28 persons, including 10 women had been arrested in connection with the attack. The report further stated that five FIRs had been registered against 99 named and 500-700 unnamed people.

In conclusion, an old video from 2018 showing people pelting bricks and stones at a motor cavalcade of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been revived on social media platforms and is being falsely shared as a recent one.

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