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Fact Check: Was Kangana Ranaut issued demolition notice in 2018 for her office in Pali Hills?

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Saket Gokhale's claim that the first demolition notice for her office was sent 2 years back to Kangana is baseless. The notice was for a completely different property, the apartment building in Khar where her residential flat is located. 

Following the war of words between Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut and Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut, on September 9, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) demolished alleged illegal structures inside Ranaut’s office in suburban’s Bandra’s Pali Hill while she was on her way back to Mumbai from her Manali home.

On September 7, Kangana Ranaut shared on social media that BMC officials entered her office to take measurements. The next day, Kangana tweeted that BMC has put a notice outside his office to stop the leakage work that is going on.

On September 9, BMC officials demolished part of her office. As per the report, the Bombay High Court stayed the demolition. While staying the demolition of Kangana Ranaut's building, Bombay HC pulls up BMC. Says BMC's action, prima facie, does not "appear to be bona fide and smacks of mala fides".

Saket Gokhale claims the first demolition notice was sent 2 years back

Amid this, a court order is being circulated on social media platforms to show that Ranaut was issued a demolition notice by the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCMC/BMC) in 2018 and thus she was aware something like this was on its way.

Saket Gokhale shared the notice showing that BMC has issued a notice of demolition for Kangana Ranaut's office, which was demolished by BMC, in 2018 itself. Gokhale wrote, "Here's the proof: Kangana was issued a demolition notice by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM aka. BMC) in 2018 under MRTP Act. She'd also approached the Dindoshi Sessions Court against it. For all those weeping buckets: she KNEW this since 2 years. Not 24 hrs."

Here is the notice which is being widely circulated on social media with the same claim.

The document being circulated is an order of Additional Sessions Judge A T Wankhede dated 20/10/2018.

However, dismissing the allegations, Kangana stated that the fake information was being spread by the paid sources of the government. Attacking the Maharashtra government and accusing the civic body of lying, she added that she never received any notice from the BMC until yesterday.

She further informed that the proceedings of a sessions court which are being circulated as notice is related to a completely different property, the apartment building in Khar where her residential flat is located. Responding to a Twitter user pointed out that the document shared by Saket Gokhale relates to her flat in DB Breeze, she responded by saying that BMC had issued notice to the entire building and not just her flat. Ranaut stated, "This was not just to me but to entire building and this is not my flat issue but a building issue which builder needs to deal with and this building belongs to Sharad Pawar we bought the flat from his partner so he is answerable for this not me."

A Twitter user who goes by the name Shash shared the images of the complete court order, which was cropped by Gokhale. The user also confirmed that the order related to a completely different case.

Fact Check

We checked the official website of the District courts to check more information about the case using the case number and other details visible on the viral notice, which was also shared by Gokhale, we found that the case was disposed of on the third hearing by the court, i,e, on October 20, 2018. The order was never contested by the BMC.

According to information available on the website, the case was filed on May 22, 2018, and was registered on October 8, 2018, while the first hearing of the case was on October 9, 2018. The case is registered under the 'Special Relief Acts' under sections 34 and 38. 

According to an article published by NDTV in October 2017, Kangana Ranaut purchased a property worth Rs 20 crores in Pali Hill, Bandra, which she will use as an office for her production house Manikarnika Films. However, in an interview with PinkVilla Kangana Ranaut in May 2020 stated that she wasn't able to work on her office as a few of her movies before Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi didn't do well on the box office and that she started working on her office after her film Manikarnika's success. One can hear the relevant part after the 5-minute mark in the video. 

It should be noted that Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi was released on January 25, 2019. Hence, if we go by her statements in the interview she started the renovation of her office in 2019. The screenshot of the notice which is doing rounds on social was dismissed in October 2018. 

In conclusion, Saket Gokhale's claim that the first demolition notice for her office was sent 2 years back to Kangana is baseless. The notice was for a completely different property, the apartment building in Khar where her residential flat is located. 

Update: Misinformation by Dhruv Rathee

On 11th January, Dhruv Rathee in his video falsely claimed that BMC had sent the notice to Kangana in 2018 for her office in Pali Hills. You can view the relevant portion from 6:39 onwards.

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