Are IAS officers in Delhi really on strike as claimed by AAP and Arvind Kejriwal?

Started on 2018-06-12 16:30:47 by Neel Kamal

OP's Perspective


Arvind Kejriwal has accused the L.G of Anil Baijal of "putting pressure on IAS officers to continue the strike or face consequences." during a press conference at hisresidence. The IAS officers working under the AAP government are on "strike" for over four months following the alleged assault on chief secretary at the CM's residence in February. Kejriwal claimed that due to the strike critical public work was being affected.

He even accused LG of threaning IAS officers of grave consequences if they call of their strike.


The IAS officers, however, rejected the allegations and maintained that they are working and the movement of the files were normal and no public work was affected.

Let's dicuss the political drama of Delhi. Left wing responses will be in favour of AAP government and right wing in favour of IAS association and LG.