Man in Burqa caught voting in Lok Sabha Election: No, the viral set of pictures is an old one

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A set of pictures of a man in a burqa is being shared on social media to claim that he was caught while voting in the first phase of Loksabha election on 11th April.

A Facebook user shared the two images in Facebook group Bombay Liberals with a caption "Sanjeev Balyan has raised the right issue in Muzaffarnagar. The face of people wearing burqa must be checked outside the poll booth; those wishing for 72 virgins are going to the booth in the burqa. Men wearing burqa have been caught at many places."

Several other users have shared these images on Facebook with a similar caption. You can see all such posts here.

On Twitter as well the same images are being shared with a very similar narrative. You can see all such tweets here.

Our Investigation

We did a reverse image search on Google and found that the image was first uploaded by in 2015. The same image was used by as well in an article dated Oct 1, 2015.

Both the articles claimed that these photos were viral on social media with a claim that the burqa-clad man was an 'RSS activist' who was 'caught throwing beef at a temple in Azamgarh'.

However, articles mentioned that the tweet, which is believed to be the origin of the claim was deleted and that authors could not authenticate the claim.

There is not a single news report which can substantiate the claim that the man in burqa is RSS activist or not or whether he threw beef in the temple or not. Still, a Twitter user @kapsology tweeted in 2018 shared the unverified report by to claim that a burqa-clad alleged RSS activist was caught throwing beef inside the temple.


The set of photos being shared to claim that a burqa-clad man was caught at a polling booth in Muzaffarnagar while trying to vote posing as a woman are actually from 2015.

We couldn't find any report about men posing as women to vote. The Election Commission also refuted Sanjeev Balyan's allegation of fake voting in Muzaffarnagar

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