Sambit Patra Eating on Footpath: No, Congress leader Nagma Morarji shared photoshopped picture

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Congress leader Nagma Morarji shared a picture of BJP leader Sambit Patra eating on the footpath. In the picture, a homeless woman can be seen cooking food with wood. By sharing the picture she targetted BJP schemes like Housing for everyone, Ujwala Yojna, Digital India, etc. Her tweet which is now deleted reads:

#Bjp candidate Sambit Patra has been exposed all #Modis lies in a thic pic is for al to see . House for everybody , Ujwala Gas, Digital India, Electrification, 2 crore Jobs, Swacch Bharat, Smart city etc etc.

A habitual fake news peddler Zainab Sikander also tweeted the same picture to mock Dr. Sambit Patra. A Few days back, she had falsely accused PM Modi of lying about the demographics of Wayanad Loksabha Constituency which was debunked by us. She claims to be a political commentator but doesn't understand the difference between a district and Loksabha Constituency.

The picture has been widely shared on social media by pro-congress Twitter handles to mock the popular Ujjwala Yojna of the government.

Our Investigation

The image Nagma has shared has a watermark @Ind_Arya and we found that the image was first shared by a Twitter handle @Ind_Arya.

We found that Sambit Patra had recently shared a few similar pictures on his Twitter handle during his political campaign in Orissa. We compared the viral picture with the one shared by Sambit Patra and found that his pose, dress, and plates in front of him matched exactly.

You can see the comparison in the image below:

We cropped the image to remove Sambit Patra from the frame and did a google reverse image search and found that the picture was shared on a report by dated May 24, 2016.

From the above picture, it is clear that the two unrelated pictures were photoshopped to show Sambit Patra eating on footpath suggesting the failure of Modi government.


The viral picture depicting Sambit Patra eating food cooked by a woman on a footpath is photoshopped. 

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