Wayanad celebrated Rahul Gandhi's candidature by waving Pakistan flags: No, it was the flag of IUML

Reported on 2019-04-03 13:42:38.0 by FactHunt Admin


A video is being shared on social media in which people can be seen celebrating the announcement of Rahul Gandhi's candidacy from Wayanad holding his poster along with green flags. Several social media users are claiming that the green flags with a star and a crescent on them are Pakistani flags.

A Twitter user @PrernakumariAdv who is an advocate and official Spokesperson of the Purvanchal Morcha BJP in Delhi tweeted:

Shocking.. Rahul to Contest elections in Wayanad,Kerala. Look who is celebrating in Wayanad waving Pakistan flags. Now you know why Congress selected this constituency

You can watch the video tweeted by her here:

The video is being widely circulated on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp with a very similar claim.

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Our Investigation

The 25 seconds long video has the logo of News18 on the top right corner which makes it look like an authentic video. We found the video of the full report by News18 in which some Youths can be seen holding green coloured flags in their hands. The crowd is also carrying the poster of Rahul Gandhi. You can see such visuals at 5:42 in the video.

Here is a screengrab from the viral video being shared on social media.

Not a Pakistan's Flag

The flag in the viral video is not a Pakistani flag. The flag which can be seen in the picture above actually belongs to IUML- Indian Union Muslim league which is a recognized state party in Kerala by ECI.  You can read more about this party here.

Here is a comparison between a Pakistani flag and IUML's flag. The picture in left is a Pakistan flag and picture in right is the flag of IUML - Indian Union Muslim League. 

There are clear, visible differences in the pattern of these two flags and shouldn't be confused with each other.

IUML which is an ally of Indian National Congress had welcomed the decision of Rahul Gandhi to contest from Wayanad Loksabha Constituency. Earlier, a controversy had started when people started pointing out that Wayanad is a Muslim majority area and Congress leaders like Priyanka Chaturvedi started countering it by tweeting the stats of Wayanad district. We had earlier debunked that Hindus are indeed a minority in Wayanad Loksabha Constituency. You can read our details report here:

Fact Check: Are Hindus a Minority in Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency as claimed by PM Modi


No, people didn't wave Pakistan's flag to welcome Rahul Gandhi's decision to fight the upcoming Loksabha election from Wayanad. The green flag waved in the celebration rally belongs to IUML which is an ally of Congress.

In the past, we have debunked several rumours in which IUML's flag was projected as Pakistani flag. You can read those reports here:

Fact Check: Did a Congress MLA from Kerala put Pakistan's flag on his car

Pakistan’s flag was not waved in Congress celebration rally in Rajasthan

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