Indian police attacked praying Muslims in a mosque: No, the video is of lathi-charge on Hindu Jagran Manch

Reported on 2019-03-26 04:19:37.0 by Neel Kamal


On Feb 25th, EHA News, a Turkey-based news portal tweeted a video to claim that Indian Police attacked Muslims who were praying in a mosque.

In the video shared by the portal, policemen can be seen doing lathi-charge on a gathering. You can watch the video here:

We found that the claim was first made by Javed Shaikh who has now deleted his tweet by you can see the archived version of his tweet here. Hanif Qadir who is the CEO of UK Youth Charity retweeted the video shared by Javed and called it terrorism.

The video was shared on Youtube as well with an identical narrative.

In the video, there is nothing to suggest that the crowd gather over there are Muslim devotees and there is no sign of any mosque being present nearby.

Our Investigation

We used the Invid chrome extension to extract the key frames of the video and did a reverse image search. We found an article on the Times of India which reported that the incident happened in Aligarh, in June 2018.

The Aligarh police resorted to lathi-charge when activists of Hindu Jagran Manch locked the Special Superintendent of Police (SSP) office gate while protesting. The protesters were demanding the arrest of a man who was booked for an attempt to murder in March 2018. 

We did a keyword search to and found that the incident was covered by Gujarati Channel VTV Gujarati News and the report is available on their Youtube channel.


The video is from Aligarh where police resorted to lathi-charge on a group of protestors of Hindu Jagran Manch when they locked the Special Superintendent of Police (SSP) office gate.

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