Congress official Twitter handle shared fake image of Truck plate accusing Modi govt of sleeping

Reported on 2019-03-15 19:15:32.0 by Neel Kamal


On 15th March, the official Twitter handle of Congress Party shared the image of a truck with board plate that reads “Kripya horn na bajaye, Modi sarkar so rahi hain.” (Please don’t blow the horn, the Modi government is asleep.)

The caption of the tweet reads "If you’re awake this ones for you, sadly Modi won’t be reading this. #WorldSleepDay".


Our Investigation

When we did a reverse image search, we found that the same image was also tweeted by the disgraced IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt almost a year ago.

It was also shared by Madhu Kishwar with a caption "India's trucks often carry words of earthy wisdom, cheeky humour, philosophical poetry and political commentary. This one speaks volumes!".

We found that the image was already debunked by The Print last year.

Trucks art in India traditionally includes floral patterns, bright colours, calligraphy and large text. The art is usually customized to suit the owner, often inscribing popular messages like “Horn OK Please”.

Here is the original image of the truck.

We juxtapose both the image together to find out the similarity. Clearly, we can see that the two images are the same.The auto in the left and a car in the right are there in both the pics. Even the colour of the rod from which banner is attached is the same in both the pics.


The picture of the truck's backplate reading "don't blow horn Modi government is sleeping" is photoshopped.

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