RSS groups torturing Muslim girls: No the video is from Eastern University of Sri Lanka

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A video is being shared on social media with the claim that RSS groups were torturing Muslim college girls in India. The video has been widely circulated on Facebook with a caption "RSS groups torchering Muslim college girls".

Link of Above Facebook Post

You can watch the video here:

The same video was also circulated by many Pakistani handles on Twitter to claim that torturing of Muslims girls by Hindus is normal in India. A political analyst of Pakistan who has a verified Twitter account tweeted the video with a message "Bloody "goodwill gesture"...?????? Told you we have an evil and unscrupulous savage enemy....who have no respect for human dignity, honor of our women or children.... This is a normal day in India... Let the bloody pilot go back ...then see how low they will sink...."

Another user tweeted the above video to claim that Hindu extremists are harassing Muslim college girls and appealed to her followers to show the real face of India to the world (rough translation).

Our Investigation

A Twitter handle named DOAM which documents oppressions against Muslims tweeted to clarify that the video is from the Eastern University of Srilanka.

This incident happened in Eastern University of Sri Lanka, not in India. We were told by Sri Lankan Muslims that this incident was a bucketing water activity where students throw water on other students. Disgusting act but nothing to suggest they were targeted because of religion

-Tweet by DOAM

We analysed the audio in the clip and found that people are speaking Tamil which is one of the dominant languages of Sri Lanka. But this is not enough to verify the claim as Tamil is also mother language of Tamil Nadu India.

We found a report about the incident on a website ONLINE CEYLON which reports news about Srilanka. Here is the screenshot of the report which was translated using Google Translate. You can read the report here.

The report has mentioned that the participants in the event don't discriminate on the basis of religion. We were able to find another video shared by the same website which substantiates the claim that girls were not targetted because of their religion as participants were pouring the water on everyone.


This video is being shared with a misleading claim that RSS groups were torturing Muslim girls. The video is from the Eastern University of Sri Lanka and it is no way related to RSS or India.

The video is from bucketing water activity where students throw water on other students. As per reports, participants don't discriminate on the basis of religion. Hence, the claim that only Muslim girls were targetted is also false.

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