Video of Surgical Strike 2: No, the viral video is clip of video game

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A video showing a missile strike is being shared with the claim that it shows the Indian Air Force’s strikes on terror camps in Pakistan on February 26 2019.

A Facebook page Pathankot has shared the video with a caption "Indian Air Force fighter jets drop 1,000 kg bombs across LoC in Pakistan's Balakot". You can access the archived link of the post here.

The video is being widely shared on Whatsapp.

Our Investigation

The Indian Air Force destroyed the training camps of terrorist group “Jaish-e-Mohammad” in Balakote on 26th Feb. The strike was carried out by 
Mirage 2000 fighter jets at 3.30 am as reported by Economic Times.

However, we were not sure about the video being shared as no such video has been officially released by the air force. So, we used Invid chrome extension to extract the key frames of the video and did a reverse image search on Google. We found the same video on Youtube which was uploaded on July 9, 2015, and from the description of the video, it is clear that it is a recording of the video game. You can watch the video here:

The video uploaded by the Facebook page is a clipped version of the above video.


The viral video showing a missile strike on a camp is a clip of video game. Airforce has not released any video of the airstrike that happened on Feb 26.

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