PM Modi waved Islamic Flag: No, the image is photoshopped

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An image of PM Narendra Modi waving a green-coloured Islamic flag is being shared on social media. The image was shared by a Facebook page "Bhashan Ya Rashan" on 29th Jan. The caption on the image reads "Came to his reality. Bhakto go and die somewhere" (translated from Hindi)

The flag in the picture features a crescent moon and a star which resembles an Islamic flag. However, a Twitter user @pokershah claimed that the image is photoshopped.

Our Investigation

We searched for the post by Doordarshan as claimed by @pokershah and found the post in which the actual image of PM Modi was shared on Dec 25th last year. The photo was actually clicked during the inauguration of the Bogibeel Bridge in Assam on December 25 last year. The prime minister was waving off the green flag while launching a train on the longest railroad bridge in the country.

We juxtaposed the two images together and found that it is the same image. The dress of PM Modi and men behind him matched in the two images.


No, PM Modi didn't wave the Islamic flag.  He was waving off the green flag while launching a train on the longest railroad bridge in the country in Assam.

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