PM Modi talked to the widow of a martyred CRPF Jawan in Pulwama Terror attack: No, the video is old

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On 16th Feb, a Facebook page Swadeshi Lehar shared a video of PM Modi consoling a woman on phone with the claim that PM Modi himself called the widow of a martyr. Even though there is no mention of Pulwama attack, the timing of the video suggests that this conversation happened after Pulwama terror attack.

You can watch the video here:

The video has been shared by many individual users on Facebook with the same caption "Have you ever seen a Prime Minister, who himself calls the martyr’s wife and tries to wipe her tears like a father. Will get tears in your eyes after watching" (Translated). You can see all such posts on Facebook here. The same video is being circulated on Twitter as well with similar captions. You can see all such tweets here.

Our Investigation

On Youtube, we searched with a keyword "PM Modi consoling woman on phone" and found the video on PM Modi's official channel which was uploaded in 2013 with a title "Shri Narendra Modi talks to the wife of Shaheed Munna Srivastava on phone".

We also found it on PM Modi's official website. From PM Modi's website:

“Hausla Rakhna, wahi Aatankwadi ko Jawab Hai!” (Be strong and keep the faith, this is a fitting answer to the terrorists)…this is what Shri Narendra Modi told the wife of Shaheed Munna Srivastava over the telephone. Munna Srivastava was one of the people who lost his life during the cowardly attack during the Hunkaar Rally in Patna on 27th October 2013.

Modi visited Patna on Saturday 2nd November 2013 to meet the families of those who lost their lives during the blast but could not visit the village of Munna Srivastava due to bad weather. He spoke to the late martyr’s wife on the phone.

Munna Srivastava’s wife told Narendra Modi that you need to bless her and her daughter. Speaking in Gujarati she told Narendra Modi, “Tame Mara Dhyaan Rakh Jo. Tame Mara Bapu Cho” (Please take care of us, we revere you). She said she would prepare Dhokla and Thepla for Modi ji when he visits next time.

Narendra Modi assured her she and her daughter will be taken care of in the wake of these hard times. He said that they are all a part of one family and prayed that God give strength in these hard times. He added that he wanted to come but due to weather he could not and that the Party workers will come and meet her. Modi ji also said that the sacrifice of her husband would not go in vain.

We also found a media report by Business Standard. It must be mentioned that BJP refers to all the members who loses his life as Shaheed or martyr.

Serial Blast in Hunkar rally

Five people were killed and over 70 were injured in the serial blasts in Narendra Modi's Hunkar rally in Gandhi Maidan in Patna as reported by Indian Express.

The news of PM Modi calling the wife of blast victim over the phone was also covered by Zee News.


The woman in the video is Priya Shrivastava, wife of Munna Shrivastava who lost his life in a serial bomb blast during the Hunkaar Rally in Patna on 27th October 2013. PM Modi talked to her over the phone to console her as he couldn't reach GopalGanj due to bad weather.

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