No, Congress workers were not beaten up for anti-national speech on budget day

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 A video is going viral on Facebook claiming that Chhattisgarh Congress workers were beaten up by the police for delivering an anti-national speech on the budget day. The Finance Minister Piyush Goyal presented the interim budget on 1st February.

You can watch the video here:

In the video, we can see Policemen beating some men brutally. A Facebook user Mukesh Soni posted this video in the public group 'Mission Modi 2019 me apne 100 mitro ko jode' with a caption "While you were busy with the budget, Chhattisgarh Congress workers were beaten up by police for delivering an anti-national speech (translated)".


Our Investigation

We searched the keywords "lathi charge on Congress worker in Chhattisgarh", we found a youtube video which was uploaded on 19th September 2018. You can watch the same video here:

Since the video was already shared 5 months back, the incident can't happen during the recent budget session on 1st Feb 2019.

We also found several media reports to establish that police had indeed lathi-charged Congress workers on 19th September. As per a report by The Hindu:

“The police entered the Congress Bhavan in Bilaspur on Tuesday evening and trashed the Congress workers brutally. The incident took place when Congress workers were conducting a meeting after a symbolic protest in front of Chhattisgarh minister Amar Agrawal’s residence in Bilaspur against his appalling remarks about the party. The video of the incident shows how brutally the policemen attacked Congress workers,” party spokesperson R.P. Singh told The Hindu.

As per a report by Business Standard, Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Neeraj Chandrakar claimed that Congress workers threw garbage inside the minister's house and also manhandled a policewoman and some male constables, following which a case was registered against them. The protesters then went to the district Congress office and staged a sit-in. When police tried to arrest them, Congress workers again got into scuffles with police, so "mild force" was used to arrest the workers against whom the case had been lodged.

Rahul Gandhi had also tweeted the video to condemn the lathi-charge by the police on Congress worker.

We couldn't find any report about anti-national slogans by Congress workers.


The lathi-charge by police on Congress workers didn't happen on the budget day and there are no reports of Congress workers giving any anti-Indian speech.

The incident happened on 19th Sep 2018 when Congress workers threw garbage inside the minister's house and also manhandled a policewoman and some male constables.

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