No, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra drunk: No, the video is from candle march in April 2018

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A video of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra is being shared on social media where people are claiming she's drunk and angry. 

The above video was shared by Vimal Sharma on Facebook to portray her as a habitual drinker who even makes public appearances in an inebriated condition.

In the video, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra can be seen losing her cool and can be heard saying, "Think what are you doing, those who want to push can go back home."

The caption with the video reads, "Shaam hote hi sharab ke nashe me choor ho jane wali se Congress ko umeed ho sakti hai magar desh ko nahi hai, likh kar rakh lo ye Pappu se bhi bada Pappu saabit hogi, Congress ka antim sanskar bhai behen mil kar hi karenge #PriyankaInPolitics".

Translation: Congress can have their hopes on those who get drunk every evening but the country cannot. Take it in writing she will be a bigger Pappu than Rahul Gandhi. The last rite of Congress will be done together by the brother and sister.

The same video has been also shared on Twitter by several users with a very similar claim.

Our Investigation

We found that the video is from April 2018. It was tweeted by ANI on April 12, 2018. It was captioned, Priyanka Gandhi gets angry at the candlelight march, says ‘Nobody will push each other. You should know the reason for which you are here. If you cannot behave go home. Now, all of you will silently walk till there.

The incident took place on April 12, 2018, when Rahul Gandhi led a midnight march at India Gate to protest incidents of rape in Uttar Pradesh's Unnao and Jammu and Kashmir's Kathua. Priyanka, along with her children, also took part in the march. During the event, Priyanka and her kids got pushed around by the unruly crowd which made her furious as reported by India Today.


The video showing a visibly angry Priyanka Gandhi Vadra from the candlelight march in April 2018 in the wake of Kathua and Unnao cases, is being shared with the wrong context to mislead people and portray Mrs Vadra as a drunkard.

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