Pakistan Did Not Hold A Mock Funeral Procession For PM Modi - The Viral Video is not from Pakistan

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A video is going viral on social media in which protesters can be seen staging a mock funeral procession of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. People sharing it have claimed that the video is from Pakistan and the procession was held after the Congress party’s victory in three states.

I saw the above post in my Facebook feed and tried to search about it and found that many people are sharing it on social media with a similar claim. A Facebook user shared the video with a caption "And yet Hindus and Indians don't understand why Modi is so important for the country. Why Pakistanis are celebrating Congress victory in 3 states...By taking Modi's funeral.. Something which every Indian must ponder."

You can watch the video here:


You can see on Facebook that the video is being widely circulated.

Our Investigation

We searched on Google for Modi's funeral and found several videos showing the mock funeral of PM Modi by angry protestors. In Jan 2017, Jallikattu protesters had staged a mock funeral for Modi. You can watch the video here.

In Feb 2018, Mahadayi Protesters held Mock Funeral of PM Narendra Modi for being silent about Mahadayi Issue as reported by TV9 Kannada.

We found a video by Network 20 which is the same video that is going viral on social media. Watch the video here:

We also found a report by a website Digital Yuva which says the protest was in Tamil Nadu related to Jallikattu, an annual bull taming festival in the state. 

We also found that the photograph of the prime minister used on the effigy is the same that was widely used by pro-Jallikattu protesters. Here is side by side comparison.


The video appears to be from Tamil Nadu and related to Jallikattu protests. The earliest instance of the video is from January 2017 which coincides with wide-scale protests in Tamil Nadu around the same time.

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