Truth behind the viral video of a girl lying on roadside in a pool of blood

Reported on 2018-12-20 12:49:14.0 by FactHunt Admin


A video is being circulated on social media a girl can be seen in a pool of blood and people standing there can be seen murmuring and asking others to call the ambulance.

A Facebook page India Against Secularism shared this video with a caption

"Ladies and weak @heart do not see this video..L
LADY in this video is a Love Jihad victim. She was shot in her VAGINA ..reason WAS identified as declining bastard Kadir proposal to ISLAM POST SO XALLED LOVE AFFAIR. (name and location) yet to be identified/ DISCLOSED . Its said the issue happened somewhere in Delhi..(I REPEAT AUTHENTICITY ,victims name ,. Location yet to be identified)
This is to be made case of jyothi (Nirbhaya) iron road was inserted into her the bastArd stormed BULLET.

Even though the page is not sure about the authenticity, victims name, locations, etc still it is claiming that she is the victim of love jihad and she was shot in her vagina as she declined the proposal of Kadir.

You can watch the video shared by the page here:

(same video uploaded on Youtube)

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Our Investigation

The post looks suspicious as even admin of the page is not aware of girl's name and location but they are aware of the name of the perpetrator. We used InVid software to extract the key frames of the video and did a reverse image search to find many such videos on Youtube with captions like girl student was shot by criminals. None of the videos on youtube talks about the religion of the perpetrator.

You can find this video on Youtube here, here. Some people on Youtube have claimed this video to be from Yamuna Nagar Delhi.

We also found a report by which claims that the incident happened on Dec 3, 2018, in village Nangla Khari in Saharanpur, UP. As per the report, a class 12th student named Jitu proposed her on the way to school and when she refused his proposal, he fired four bullets on her legs. 

To verify this we watched the video carefully and found that someone from the crowd was saying "Jitu naam bataya na" (English: she took Jitu name?).

Since the source of the report is not authentic we did a keyword search on google and found many reports by mainstream media like Zee News and Jagran which have reported this incident.

As per Zee News' report, police arrested the accused Jitu on 7th Dec who accepted that he was having a love affair with the girl but the girl's family had arranged her wedding somewhere else which made him angry. He fired at girl's leg so that she becomes disabled which will break her marriage. 


This is not the case of love Jihad and the video has no communal link. The incident happened in the village Nangla Khari in Saharanpur, UP on 3rd Dec 2018. The accused name is Jitu who was arrested on 7th Dec and has accepted his crime.

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