Pakistan’s flag was not waved in Congress celebration rally in Rajasthan

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A video is going viral on social media with the claim that Pakistani flags were waved at Congress celebration rally in Rajasthan. A Facebook user Avijit Biswas shared a video with caption: " After the announcement of the election results in Rajasthan, the jihadist Muslim flag of the Congress rally! Look forward to seeing more." (translated).

The same video was shared by another Facebook page Politics Solitics. The video is going viral with more than 6.8 lakh views.

Another video is being shared on Twitter with a similar claim.

You can watch the video shared by Sitaram Joshi here:

In this video, Ashok Gehlot can be seen waving a green flag which we have already debunked that it was an Islamic flag and not the flag of Pakistan. You can read the post here:

Green flags in the rally of Ashok Gehlot are not Pakistan's national flag

In this post, we will debunk the claim made in the first video.


Our Investigation

Here is the screenshot of the flag being hosted in the viral video.

Here is the flag of Pakistan. The picture in left is a Pakistan flag and picture in right is the flag of IUML - Indian Union Muslim League.

There are clear, visible differences in the pattern of these two flags and the flag waved in Congress celebration rally.

This was also clarified by Rajasthan Police on Twitter.



Pakistan's flag was not waved in Congress celebration rally in Rajasthan. The green flag is a local flag used by Islamic bodies.

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