The viral set of images showing a woman abused by Indian army is of Pashto actress Neelam Gul

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A group of images is going viral on Twitter showing the bruised face of a woman with the claim that she was beaten by Indian Soldiers during CASO (Cordon and Search Operation).

A Twitter user "The voice from mountains" tweeted "How they are ruining the dignity of our mothers sisters and daughters. They have beaten her ruthlessly . Her face shows the signs of brutality . Her face express the helplessness. SHOPIAN during CASO . KASHMIR ."

A Facebook user posted the same set of images in a Facebook group, Kashmir Burning Today and wrote: “My mom injure by Indian Army in Srinagar Kashmir. Koi hay jo hamari Help karay. India please leave Kashmiri for life”.

Our Investigation

We did a reverse image search and found that the woman in the image is Pashto singer Neelam Gul. We found following videos of her on

We also found a video of her on Youtube which you can watch below:

We also found a report by Urdu Point and as per their report, Pashto actress and singer Neelam Gul has alleged her husband of beating and abusing her.

We found a video on Facebook as well which also shows that the woman is Neelam Gul and she was abused by her husband and not by Indian army.


The woman is a Pashto actress and singer Neelam Gul who was abused by her husband. The set of images has no connection with Indian army or Kashmir.

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