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Old picture from Pakistan shared with false claim that a child was beaten up by UP police during anti-CAA protest

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Demonstrations were held in several areas of Uttar Pradesh to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. Now a picture is being shared on social media in which an injured child is in the woman's lap. The photo is claimed to be that the UP police did not spare even a child during the crackdown on the protesters.

A facebook user name share Mohsin Rfi Khan sp shared this picture with a caption  "#NRC, #NPR, #CAA. The goons of UP police did not even spare a child. The Yogi government is a living example of hawkishness.”

The picture received 283 likes and 10,000 shares at the time of writing this article

Our Investigation

In the investigation, we found that the claim made with this photo is false. The viral picture is of Pakistan and it has nothing to do with the Uttar Pradesh protest.

After doing a reverse search of the image on google, we found an article from the Pakistani website Pak.TV published on 12 November 2019 that have used the same picture.  In this article which is in Urdu, it is mentioned that the boy was attacked by stray dogs.

Taking a hint from the article, we searched some keywords on Google, then we got the news published by of Pakistan on November 11, 2019. The news title was 'Stray dog attacks and injures baby girl in Okara'. In this news, a photograph of the child and her mother from another angle was used. The father of the victim child, seen in the picture, also said that an injection was not available to deliver her daughter in the hospital. 


This photo has nothing to do with the police action against anti-CAA protesters in Uttar Pradesh. The photo is from the Sindh province of Pakistan and the child in the picture was attacked by stray dogs.

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