Hindu brother and sister duo beaten by Muslim men in Lucknow: No, accused and victims are from same community

Reported on 2019-06-25 18:20:57.0 by Neel Kamal


A video is going viral on social media with the claim that a group of Muslim men assaulted a brother and sister when the brother stopped the men from raping his sister.

A Facebook user R Madhu Sahu shared the video with a message in Hindi which can be roughly translated to "This incident happened yesterday at Itaunja police station. Around four to five men from the peaceful community had come to rape his sister but he resisted and stopped them. So, the brother and sister were mercilessly thrashed. Awaken Hindus else your end is sure. And in this case, police could have taken them to a hospital but this is the unfortunate state of our country."

His post has been shared more than 29000 times at the time of writing this article.

You can watch the video here:

The 45-second-long video shows the conversation between the victim and the cop.

The victim: “There is no hearing here sir?”

Cop: “Your medical checkup will be done there.”

Victim: “First write a report.”

Cop: “You should bring a written report.”

Victim: "Ok sir, I am going."

Cop: "Who all hit you?"

Victim: "Sobbing. Send the police at my home."

When asked again, the victim named a few people Islam, Yunus, etc.

The cop then asked him to do medical of his sister.

Several other social media users have shared the video with a very similar claim. You can see all such posts here.

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Our Investigation

The official Twitter handle of the UP police has replied to a user who tweeted the video. They tagged the Twitter handle of Lucknow police and asked them to take action and inform.

To this, Lucknow Police replied, "In the jurisdiction of Itaunja police station, Kids playing in front of their houses fought with each other due to which two groups (both from the same (Muslim) community) entered into a brawl. The video related to the same incident shows Shahrukh and Shabnam who had come to Itaunja police station at 1.25 am to register a case. A team was immediately constituted to arrest the accused. The investigation of the case has been handed over to CO BKT."

From the tweet of Lucknow police, it is clear that the accused and the victims are both from the same (Muslim) community.

The Lucknow police tweeted that SSP-LKO Kalanidhi Naithani was briefed by the circle officer BKT about the incident and action has been initiated against a constable Rahul (2016 batch) for behaving in an ‘inhuman’ way with the victims. 

Lucknow police then tweeted to confirm that all the accused have been arrested by the police.


The claim that a Hindu brother and sister duo was beaten by Muslim men in Lucknow is false. Both accused and the victims are from the same (Muslim) community.

However, a Dalit family was run over by a youth on a vehicle for opposing girl's harassment. As per the statement made by Ramvir Singh, “At around 10 pm on Monday night our family including myself, my wife Santo Devi, my brother Bhim Sen along with his wife Urmila Devi, my 20-year-old son Jitender, my 22-year-old niece and her brother Tribhuwan, etc. were standing outside our house when Nakul Thakur who is also a resident of our village came in a car and tried to pull her inside. We all protested and he abused us while threatening with dire consequences. Soon enough he drove away only to come back with great speed and hit the family with full force killing Urmila Devi and Santo Devi on the spot while seriously injuring Jitender and Tribhuwan. The second time when he came back there were 4-5 others in the vehicle.”

It is clear that there is no communal angle in this case either.

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