Road blocked by people offering Namaz in India: No, the viral picture is from Bangladesh

Reported on 2019-06-12 13:13:19.0 by Rishika Thakur


Indian actress 'Payal Rohatgi' claimed on Twitter that " offering namaz on road should be banned, this is not allowed in other Islamic countries then why it is allowed in India?"

The same picture was shared on Facebook as well. A Facebook page "Bhai Rahul Ramraj" shared the picture with a caption "Why can something be right in India which is wrong even in Islamic countries. If Namaz is banned on roads in Islamic countries then why it can't be banned in India as well. Why are you doing slavery?".

Our Investigation

We did a reverse image search on Google and found the same image on a website The viral image has the stamp of the same website which shows that the image was taken from here only.

Photographer M. Yousuf Tushar has added the following description of the picture:

Muslims are praying at in the road due to large number Muslims gathered at Bishaw ijtema at Tongi, Bangladesh

We also found similar images on Getty images.


The picture being shared on social media is from Bangladesh and 2 years old. 

In the past, we have witnessed incidents when Namaz has been offered on railway tracks causing a delay in trains. 

On September 3, 2017, Bhaskar reported that trains were halted for Namaz at Muzzafarpur junction for 4 hours. As per the report, Goods trains were halted for 4 hours and Pawan Express was stopped for 15 minutes. Mosque Samiti at the junction had requested the railway official to halt trains till 10 Am for Namaz and officials had accepted it in stopped Goods trains in the route. This was also reported by DD Bharti.

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