PM Modi talking about the development of Bandar (Monkeys): No, the viral video is clipped

Reported on 2019-05-27 03:33:55.0 by Himani Joshi


A video is going viral on social media with a claim that PM Narendra Modi is now focusing on the development of monkeys. All India Farmer Congress President and former MP Nana Patole tweeted the video saying that "Narendra Modi does not know the difference between the monkey and the ports. Before throw sludge on others, ever looks upon you".

In the video shared by the Congress leader, Modi can be heard talking about the development of Gujarat's monkeys in a speech. 

Hindi: “Jab se Bharat sarkar mein humein kaam karne ka avasar mila, humne Gujarat ke bandaro ke vikas par bhi itna hi dhyan diya hai.. aur jiske karan hum bandaron ka vikas karna chahte hai lekin hum bandar aadhaarit vikas bhi karna chahte hai.. hum woh infrastructure banana chahte hai ki jo bandaro ko road se jode, rail se jode, hawai patti se jode”

English: "Ever since we got an opportunity to work in the Government of India, we have given equal attention to the development of Bandar of Gujarat and due to which we want to develop Bandars, but we also want to do Bandar-based development. We want to build infrastructures that connect the Bandars to the road, connect them to the railways, with the airstrip".

You can watch the video here:

After this Pakistani journalist, Marvi Sirmed also shared this video while writing, 'Hilarious. Indian PM Modi confuses Bandergah (Port) with Bander (monkey)'.

Swati Chaturvedi tweeted "Modiji “Gujarat kei bandaron ka vikas karna Chahte hain” peak Modi".

Our Investigation

After searching the related keywords of news we found a longer version of the video on Youtube. In this video, Modi can be heard speaking both Gujarati and Hindi language. You can see the relevant part from 17:18 min onwards.

From the video, it is clear that PM Modi is not talking about the development of monkeys. He is actually talking about the development of ports, which is called 'Bandar' in Gujarati. This clip is a part of an old speech in PM Modi's Dwarka in Gujarat in October 2017. At that time Modi had gone to Dwarka to lay the foundation of some development projects.

This video has been clipped in such a way that it seems he is talking about the development of monkeys which is certainly not true.


PM Modi was not talking about the development of monkeys in the viral video tweeted by Congress leader and Swati Chaturvedi. The word Bandar in Gujarati means Port.

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