Viral video showing EVMs being replaced in Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh: No, these are unused EVMs

Reported on 2019-05-22 20:16:07.0 by Neel Kamal


The National media co-ordinator of Aam Aadmi Party tweeted a video to claim that EVMs are getting replaced. In this video, one can hear the person shooting the video inquiring about the EVMs being unloaded from a truck by a group of men.

You can watch the video shared by him here:

Many users on Twitter have claimed that the video is from Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh. A Twitter user Pooja Yadav tweeted "This video is from Chandauli. Thanks to the workers who created a ruckus. These EVMs should be opened immediately to check whose votes have been cast in these EVMs."

Many journalists and popular handles like Ravi Nair, Faye DSouza, Swara Bhaskar tweeted the video to add fuel to the fire that EVMs are getting replaced.

Faye DSouza retweeted the video shared by a handle which claims that EVMs are reaching strong room today (20th May).

Our Investigation

We searched for EVMs related news from Chandauli and found a report by Hindustan Times. Additional chief electoral officer BDR Tiwari speaking to Hindustan Times said that the reserved/unused EVMs from Sakaldiha assembly segment in Chandauli had arrived late.

“When the vehicle transporting the EVMs unloaded the EVMs, the leaders and workers of some political parties objected and they were told the EVMs were unused and taken to the strongroom and shown the seal on the door”.

Sheyphali Sharan, the Official Spokesperson of Election Commission of India tweeted

Please note the following factual reports from concerned Returning Officers in context of varied clips being circulated on media platforms on EVM strong room issues. Clarification issued by RO wrt mishandling of EVMs in Chandauli, UP. All extant guidelines issued by ECI followed.

The Chief Election Officer of UP also replied to Ravi Nair:

Polled EVMs are safe in sealed strong rooms under security, CCTV coverage, and surveillance of candidates. There is no possibility of changing EVMs. Don't panic and keep faith.


The claim that the viral video shows EVMs being replaced in Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh is false. Those were reserved/unused EVMs which had arrived late. As per the clarification issued by Returning Officers, all extant guidelines issued by ECI were followed.

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