Muslim man in Saffron cloth caught doing violence during Amit Shah rally in Kolkata: No, the video is from Jharkhand

Reported on 2019-05-19 18:51:39.0 by Himani Joshi


A video clip is increasingly viral on social media claim that the Trinamool Congress organize the violence during BJP president Amit Shah's roadshow in Kolkata. A tweeter user Sunil Baitmangalkar tweeted the video with a caption "Shocking how TMC orchestrated the violence during Amit Shah roadshow in Kolkata. This guy in this clip is Mohammed Nissar. Just observe he's made to wear a saffron t-shirt and a tilak on his forehead. He was caught pelting stones a rally in Kolkata".

In this video, you can see that a man dressed in a saffron T-shirt and two policemen holding his hand and an RAF {Rapid Action Force} officer points at the man and says, "He was stone-pelting". When a person asked him what is his name was, the man replied, "Mohammed Nisar'.

You can watch the video here:

The clip was brought to our notice by one of our readers who tagged us in re-tweet of a tweet by Ravi Singh who tweeted the clip with a caption:

Real Name - Mohammad Nisar

Orange T-shirt,

Tilak on Forehead

Now you can understand many things

You can also connect this to the so-called "Bhagwa Goons" doing Violence during Amit Shah Road Show in Kolkata,

They were all TMC Goons

It is important to notice that Ravi Singh has never claimed that the video is from West Bengal or the guy belongs to TMC. He is just trying to highlight the point that just because someone is wearing saffron clothes we can't assume him/her a Hindu or BJP worker.

The same video is also getting viral on Facebook as well with an exact caption.

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Our Investigation

In the above viral video, you will notice that the men are speaking a dialect which is uncommon in West Bengal and the accent sounds similar to that of the people of from Hindi speaking states- Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand or Chattisgarh. And secondly the policemen are wearing khaki uniform in the video but Kolkata police don't wear khaki. Their uniform colour is White, and the video location does not resemble the place in Kolkata where the violence during Amit Shah roadshow took place as evident from several other videos going viral.

We researched further and found that a News18 Jharkhand broadcast a video on 12 May 2019 where the same man can be seen in the video. On 12 May outside a polling booth, a clash between two groups Bjp and JMM had broken in Jugsalai on the day of voting. Where the heavy police force opened fire teargas shells and ordered lathi charge to control the violence. According to a Times of India report, the police force had arrested two stones-pelters. You can see the relevant part from 2:19 onwards.

A Twitter user Shwetank had tweeted the same video on May 12th to highlight how the case of saffron terrorism is being manufactured.


The incident occurred on 12th May outside a polling booth in Jugsalai, Jharkhand where a Muslim man in saffron cloth was caught creating violence.  The claim that the man in the video is a Trinamool Congress worker is false.

However, this case clearly proves that every man wearing saffron can't be considered a BJP worker or a Hindu.

The case also exposes the dishonest fact-checking by Alt news in which they have prematurely declared every person wearing saffron clothes as BJP workers.

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