Jawans killed in Gadchiroli Naxalite attack were wrapped in cardboard boxes: No, this is an old image

Reported on 2019-05-14 14:07:22.0 by Himani Joshi


A picture on social media has gone viral with a claim that the Modi government has mistreated with the dead bodies of soldiers killed in the Gadchiroli Naxalite attack in Maharashtra.

Seeing the picture, some bodies are kept wrapped in the cardboard. Some soldier is also standing in the photo.

A  Facebook photo has been given in the post says that  Boxes appearing in garbage containers are showing in the photo some people's feet are visible in the side, who are wearing the army pants.

Another similar photo is being shared on Facebook to claim that dead bodies of brave policemen were wrapped in cardboard. The description of the post is as follows:

No, these aren't garbage boxes. 
These are dead bodies of our brave policemen who were killed in the ghastly #GadchiroliNaxalAttack 
This is how nationalist BJP treats our security forces. Their only motive is to milk such tragedies for the vote. Remember this when you vote.

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Our Investigation

We did a reverse image search on Google and found that the image was shared by Former Northern Army commander Lt Gen (Retd) HS Panag, on 7 October 2017. His tweet reads:

 Seven young men stepped out into the sunshine yesterday, to serve their motherland. India. This is how they came home.

After that, on 8 October 2017 Punjabi Chief Minister Caption Amarinder Singh, and Gautam Gambhir also shared image and expressed displeasure over such behaviour with dead bodies of soldiers 2 years ago. 

Captain Amarinder Singh tweeted "Shocked to see bodies of 7 @IAF_MCC & @adgpi Tawang crash victims brought in cartons. Is this how we treat our brave men?"

It is clear that the photo is old and was taken during a helicopter crash in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh in October 2017. Seven military personnel were killed in a helicopter crash in this incident, whose bodies were brought wrapped in the cardboard from the spot.

ON 8 October 2017 NDTV also showed in their channel that The soldiers - personnel from the Air Force and the Army -- had died on 6 October as an IAF Mi-17 chopper crashed at an altitude of nearly 17,000 feet in Tawang. 

Army's clarification

However, after this, the Army had said in its clarification that it is not possible to take such a load from the helicopter in the high altitude area. That is why the bodies of the martyrs had to be wrapped in the cardboard present at the time rather than the coffin. After reaching the Guwahati base hospital, the dead bodies were completely honoured in the coffin. This sentence was published prominently in the media.

Army also had issued a press release about the incident through the Press Information Bureau. In this press information bureau, the Army accepts the incident as a deviation.

Here is an excerpt

"Due to constraints of the carriage effort in high altitude area, the helicopter cannot carry a full load. Mortal remains were wrapped in available local resources instead of improvised body bags or coffins". 

FSo, it is clear that the photo shared on social media is not of the bodies of the soldiers killed in the Naxal attack of Gadchiroli. After this, we searched for the dead bodies of the policemen killed in the Naxal attack in Gadchiroli, we got a tweet from Times of India, in which the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnav can be seen giving the last farewell to the dead soldiers.


The claim that the Modi government has mistreated with the dead bodies of soldiers killed in Gadchiroli Naxalite attack in Maharastra is false. This photo is two years old when seven Army jawans were killed in a helicopter crash in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh.

The fallen soldiers always were given full military honour as tweeted by the official Twitter handle of Indian Army.


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