Congress MLA beats a Sub-Inspector: No, it's an Old video of a BJP Councillor thrashing a cop

Reported on 2019-05-06 17:01:45.0 by Shallaki Khandare


A video shared on Twitter claimed that a Congress MP was beating a Sub-Inspector in Meerut. Vaishali Poddar who is BJP's Social Media & IT Incharge, Outer Delhi District. shared a video on 7th April on his account with a caption that says "What will you say about this act of Congress MP. Make this video viral so that the whole country can see it. @INCIndia what will you do about this MP." (roughly translated from Hindi).

You can watch the video here:

The video has been twitted by many other users on social media and is going viral on Whatsapp as well with a very similar narrative. One of our readers brought this to our notice on Twitter.

Our Investigation

Though the video was shared in April 2019, this is not an incident that has happened recently. The same video was shared in October 2018, i.e. seven months ago. The video apparently had another narrative back then. It said that the man in white was a BJP councilor who owned the restaurant and was beating the cop because he complained about the delay in the serving of food. This story was covered by various news agencies like The Times of India and India TV on 20th October 2018. The previous narrative of the story is the true one and took place in Meerut, hence the latest posts saying that this is a Congress MP are utterly false and misleading.


The two people in the restaurant were the Sub-Inspector and a lady Lawyer. They ordered food and because of the delay in serving the SI started to scold the waiter, on the matter going a little out of hand, the BJP Councillor, Manish Kumar (also the owner of the restaurant) intervened in it, but it didn’t turn out to be peaceful, he became violent and abused the SI. On the other hand of the story, it was found out that the SI and the lawyer were drunk and were partly responsible for the consequences. After the incident an FIR was filed against Manish Kumar, nonetheless, he was released on bail on 2nd November. The police department of Meerut also said that they will look into the matter as the Sub-Inspector, Sukhram Singh was off duty during duty hours. According to the dept. they had Rawan Dahan duties, and as a consequence, Sukhram Singh was also detained.  


A video shared on Twitter claimed that a Congress MLA was beating a Sub-Inspector in Meerut. However, these claims are false as the video is seven months old and is of a BJP Councillor who was beating up police because he complained about the delay in serving of food. The restaurant was owned by the Councillor himself. An FIR was filed against him and the SI was also detained as he was off duty during duty hours. This video has now resurfaced and is being shared with completely fake claims.

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