Did Smriti Irani say she will commit suicide if PM Modi loses: No, the viral screen grab is fake

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A Facebook page India Resists shared a screen grab of a news channel to claim that Smriti Irani has said that she will commit suicide if PM Modi loses. The caption of the post reads: Rohith Vemula's sucide was an institutional murder. Bhakts mocked about it, and now Irani is threatening suicide.

The post is being widely shared on social media. The writer and director of bollywood movie Anaarkali of Aarah tweeted the same screengrab and asked his followers to verify whether it is true or not.

Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress also tweeted the same screengrab. However, they have deleted the tweet now.

The screengrab is being widely circulated on social media. Some of those tweets can be viewed here and here.

Our Investigation

When we did a keyword search, we couldn't find any result. However, on February 3 this year, Smriti Irani had said she would retire from politics the day PM Modi decided to hang his boots.

She was quoted by News agency ANI, "The day 'pradhan sevak' Narendra Modi decides that he will hang his boots, is the day I will leave Indian politics."

The screen grab looks like from a broadcast on ABP News channel as we have debunked similar photoshopped screengrabs in the past. We search for ABP report about this but couldn't find anything.

However, we found a video of a press conference of Smriti Irani which was held on March 13, 2019. In the video she is wearing the same saree as in the viral screengrab.

It seems screengrab was taken from this press conference and was edited to include the statement.


No, Smriti Irani has never said that she will commit suicide if PM Modi loses. The viral screen grab of ABP News is fake.

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