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[1/26, 09:19] Jujo: As of 18:00 us Eastern time on January 23, intelligence sources in China confirm that there are currently more than 2.8 MILLION infected there. And one hundred and twelve thousand (112,000) people died. Main cause of death: multiple organ failure.
This is very different from the PUBLICLY recorded number of 830 infected and 25 deaths. At the same time, doctors in the city of Wuhan reported yesterday that they ran out of kits for testing for viruses …
Thousands of victims are being transported directly to incinerators. No funerals. No solemn burials. Corpses are simply burned. We get information directly from the staff of incinerators!!!!!!
As of Thursday, January 23, the Chinese government has quarantined a total of 11 cities: Wuhan, Huanggang, Ezhou, Chibi, Xiantao, Qianjiang, Zhijiang and Lichuan:
- Wuhan (11 million people)
- Huanggang (7 months)
- Xianning (2.5 million)
- Huangshi (2.5 million)
- Xiantao (1.2 million)
- Give (1M)
- Yangxin County (1M)
– Qianjiang (1M)
- Chibi (500K)
[1/26, 09:20] Jujo: - Zhijiang (500 thousand.)
- City of Enshi (750 thousand.)
A total of 29 million people.
Currently, the Chinese military is helping to block these Chinese cities. They all wear biohazard suits.
The CPC Central military Commission ordered the Central command to assist in closing Wuhan in response to social instability due to “panic moods”. The soldiers were equipped with biological protective equipment, and they vowed to win the campaign.
Armored vehicles also arrive at the site: Dongfeng EQ2050 armored vehicles, armored personnel carriers and light tanks are moved to strengthen checkpoints.
What is even more surprising is that Chinese people throughout Zhejiang province are told to stay in their homes. This is 60 million people who have been ordered to stay where they are, which is not yet an official quarantine, but rather a strictly worded advice.
The systemic failure of Chinese society has already begun.

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