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FACT CHECK: RSS member being misrepresented as the man who surrendered for planting bomb at Mangaluru Airport

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A photograph of RSS member Sandeep Lobo is being misrepresented to propagate the false claim that he is Aditya Rao, the man who surrendered before the police for planting a bag of explosives at Mangaluru international airport.

On the 22nd of January, a 35-year-old man named Aditya Rao surrendered before Bengaluru police for planting a crude bomb in Mangaluru Airport two days ago. As soon as the news broke, a number of people on social media started sharing a picture of an RSS member with a claim that the member is Aditya Rao, the man who surrendered before the police.

A twitter user named Just a common man posted on twitter, "Terrorist Aditya Rao who got caught when planting a bomb in Mangalore airport is a RSS member! We have been saying this for years.... RSS was a terrorist organization. RSS is a terrorist organization. RSS will remain a terrorist organization."

A Facebook page named Secular Hyderabad also shared the same picture along with a caption that can be roughly translated to, " Aditya Rao, a terrorist who planted a bomb in Manglurur airport, with RSS leader Prabhakar Bhat."

The truth behind the claim

The man photographed with RSS leader Prabhakar Bhat is not Aditya Rao but RSS member Sandeep Lobo. On comparing the facial features of Lobo and Rao, it is evident that they are not the same person.

Lobo uploaded a picture of him with BJP MP Tejasvi Surya on Facebook about two months ago.

He has also put out a post debunking the misinformation being widely spread on social media. 

According to reports, Lobo is an active RSS worker and a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He works with the party’s IT cell in the Dakshina Kannada wing.

A picture has also been uploaded by BJP Dakshin Karnataka of Lobo filing a complaint with the police against false social media posts claiming that he is Mangaluru airport bomb suspect Aditya Rao.

In conclusion, a photograph of RSS member Sandeep Lobo is being misrepresented to propagate the false claim that he is Aditya Rao, the man who surrendered before the police for planting a bag of explosives at Mangaluru international airport.

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