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FACT CHECK: Old-unrelated pictures shared as 'Condoms and Sex toys' found at JNU girl's hostel

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In our investigation, we found out that the viral image of sex toys and condoms claiming to be found at JNU's girl's hostel is old and nowhere related to JNU or recent attacks at JNU. 

In the wake of appalling attacks on Jawaharlal Nehru University's students and faculty members with armed with sticks, iron rods and crude hammers by masked assailants

on 5th January, some pictures of sex toys and condoms are being widely shared with a claim that these items were found at the JNU's girls hostel.

A Facebook user named Upendra Tripathi shared these pictures with a caption in Hindi that can be roughly translated to, After the violence at JNU, here are the things found at the girls' hostel. Students here are blessed. Deeply saddened by seeing their books were torn apart."

At the time of writing this article, this post has been reshared more than 380 times.

The same pictures were also doing rounds on Twitter with the same claim. 


The truth behind the pictures

In our investigation, we found the pictures of sex toys and condom to be completely misleading and unrelated to the event. 

First Image 

By a reverse image search, we found this image to be uploaded on an image sharing platform on February 1, 2018, with a description "I inspect foreclosed homes and this is a room I walked into recently."

We were not able to ascertain the original source of the image but it is clear that the picture is old and not related to recent attacks in JNU as the picture was originally uploaded in February 2018.

Second image 

By reverse image search, we found this picture, to be embedded in an article published on Reddit. The picture was originally uploaded on in August 2015. 

Third Image

This image is of JNU after the attacks on 5th December. The image was published in several articles covering the incident by Financial Express, The Statesman and The Huffingtonpost. 

In conclusion, the viral image of sex toys and condoms claiming to be found at JNU's girl's hostel is old and nowhere related to JNU or recent attacks at JNU. 


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