Fact Check: A video of the feud between two groups of Rajputs shared as Dalits being attacked in UP

Posted on 2019-11-11 15:21:52 by Anubha Pandey


A video of the feud between two groups of Rajputs over the cutting of crops is shared as Dalits being attacked in UP.

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A video was widely shared on social media in which three men can be seen brutally beating 2 others with sticks. Indian National Congress shared this video clip on Twitter, which was reshared by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra with a caption that suggests, “Dalits and Tribes are attacked by powerful goons in Uttar Pradesh. Such a law and order situation and attacks are intolerable.”  

This tweet by Priyanka Gandhi was reshared more than 3000 times.  

The video clip was taken from Hindi news outlet Bharat Samachar’s news bulletin and is alleged to be from Mainpuri. However, Bharat Samachar did not mention that the beaten men were Dalits. According to their report, they were a witness in a case registered under the ST/SC Atrocities Act.  

The incident was covered by two Hindi News Daily, Navbharat Times and Dainik Bhaskar

You can watch the full video here

The Truth Behind this video 

As the clips became viral, Mainpuri Police took to Twitter to clarify the incident and posted a message that can be roughly translated to, “The above claim is denied. The quarrel took place between Rajput families and none of the party is Dalit. The Legal proceeding has been initiated against both the parties. 5 people from one party and 2 from the other have been arrested. It is requested from media outlets to not publish any unverified news.” 

The police also replied the same to Priyanka Gandhi's post.

They further posted a video in which they gave more information about the incident.  

The police official said the feud started over the cutting of crops between two Rajput parties on 4th November. Mainpuri Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP), Om Prakash Singh. “The claim that the victims were Dalits is false.” 

Rishi Kumar, Station House Officer, (SHO) Kurra said, “I do not know which case is under trial, but even if there is any case under SC/ST Atrocities Act, why would fight among Thakurs would ever be considered under that Act? This incident has been made political without any reason.” 

Therefore, with the above information, we can conclude that the claim made with this video is false. The feud took place between Rajputs over the cutting of crops, and none of the parties involved are Dalit. The case also has no relation to any case registered under the SC/ST atrocities act. 


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