Fact Check of viral video tweeted by CJ Werleman showing situation in Jammu and Kashmir

Posted on 2019-11-04 12:08:25 by Anubha Pandey


CJ Werleman shared a video on Twitter, trying to showcase the real situation in Jammu and Kashmir after the abrogation of Jammu and Kashmir. In his video, he made some unverified claims and used some old pictures and video clips to show a different situation in state and mislead people.

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C J Werleman is an Australian author and self-acclaimed activist against ‘Islamophobia’. He is also well known for his fake claims against India, especially when it comes to Jammu and Kashmir.

When Article 370 was abrogated from the Indian Constitution, ending a semi-autonomous status of Jammu and Kashmir, C J Werleman shared a video on Twitter claiming that Kashmiris were aggressively protesting against the Indian government. Later, it turned out that the two-minute video which he shared was an old video. You can read our fact check about that video here.

Recently, Mr. Werleman shared another video on Twitter with a caption "Indian army has complete impunity to kill, abuse and rape. Kashmir under occupation in 107 seconds, by Case for Kashmir.” This tweet has been shared by more than 3000 people.

You can watch the video here:

In this video, he tried to show the reality of Kashmir after the abrogation of article 370. The video has fast-moving texts along with very short clips of videos and some pictures.

The reality of the video

In this video, there are many unverified claims like 7,38,000 army troops deployed in Jammu and Kashmir, $1.4 billion is lost in two months and more than 5000 thousand rape cases have been registered in the state. To know the truth behind these claims we started our investigation.

All these claims made by Mr. Werlemen has no clarity or specifications about its time period, which makes it appear like some random figures, and no evidence or reports were presented to substantiate these claims. In our investigation, we also couldn’t find any such report.

The video also has some pictures and clips from other videos to showcase the real situation of Kashmir after the abrogation of article 370. Many clips used in this video are taken from old videos. Some of the clips used in the video are from Burhan Wani’s death Rally.

Some of the clips of ‘Azadi slogans’ are also taken from old videos. You can watch one of the videos here

Other clips in the video also comprise of clips from old videos as there are plenty of videos available online which can easily be downloaded and used to mislead people. In our investigation, we did not found any such incident reported after J&K’s special status was ended.

Pictures of pellet gun victims also belong to different incidents and are of different times. For example, the picture of a pellet victim shown at 1:04 minute in the video was also used by aljazeera in 2016.

And the one shown at 1:05 minute in the video was used by The Hindu in 2017. The picture is of a pellet victim who was undergoing treatment in SMHS Hospital in Srinagar.   

The picture used at 1:06th minute in the video was published by a Pakistani website mubassir.com on 18th Sep 2017.

The picture used at 1:07th second in the video was published by FSRN in July 2016. The picture was also published by another website in Sep 2019 to show the alleged use of pellet guns after the abrogation of Article 370.

The picture used at 1:08th minute of the video is of a 17-year-old laborer from Bihar. He was injured by pellet guns in June this year i.e months before the abrogation of Article 370. Many websites had reported it including The Wire and siasat.com.

Two of the used pictures are used in articles by time.com published in September 2018, and newindianexpress.com published in May 2019.

Other pictures could easily be found on google images with keyword ‘pellet gun victims in Jammu and Kashmir’, which will lead to original articles where they were used.

All this information leads us to the conclusion that the claims made in this video are unverified, and old pictures and video clips are used in a way to mislead people.

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