Fact Check: Is CRPF stopping monthly ration money to its 3 lakh personnel due to lack of funds?

Posted on 2019-10-02 17:29:05 by Neel Kamal


It's true that the CRPF jawans haven't received the ration allowance for the month of September. However, the CRPF has clarified that it will be paid shortly.

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On September 29, Telegraph India published a report claiming central Reserve Police Force personnel are set to be starved of their monthly “ration allowance” by the Narendra Modi dispensation that swears by national security, apparently because of a cash crunch triggered by the economic crisis.

The report cited an internal communication the CRPF has sent to its formations across the country says the allowance will not be paid with September’s salaries because the home ministry is yet to release a tranche of Rs 800 crore despite reminders in July, August and this month.

The internal letter was tweeted by journalist Imran Ahmed Siddiqui.

Internal communication dated Sept 13 

As per the letter, the force has made at least three communications to the ministry in the past. It said the RMA will be provided to troops in receipt of the additional budget from the ministry.

CRPF troops are paid Rs 3600 “ration allowance” along with their monthly salary which they spend on their meals at their camps’ mess and canteen.

Jansatta has also reported that CRPF will not get the monthly ration money as the home ministry hasn't released the pending funds.

Congress mouthpiece National Herald also published an article claiming that the largest paramilitary force of country set to be starved by the Modi government.

Clarification by CRPF and Home Ministry

The official Twitter handle of Spokesperson, Ministry of Home Affairs tweeted a clarification to deny the report that CRPF Jawans have run of money. Their argument was that the personnel had enough ready cash because they had been paid three years’ arrears in July. 

On account of the revision of Ration Money Allowance made by MHA on 12.7.2019 ,Rs 22,144 per head Ration money (arrears )was paid to around 2 lakh @crpfindia personnel who are drawing RMA.

In this way CRPF troops have already received an amount Rs Rs 22,144 as Ration money in July which is equivalent to 6 months RMA (at present rates) and thus they have sufficient funds for messing.

Hence the contention that jawans have run out of ration money is baseless and preposterous and there is no crisis whatsoever. The RMA for September will also be paid shortly CRPF remains ever committed to the welfare of its jawans.

The arrears stemmed from the government raising the ration allowance from about Rs 3,000 to roughly Rs 3,600 in 2016 but holding back the extra amount for three years.

The CRPF tweeted, “The document states that ration money (RM) arrear(s) of Rs 22,194 has been paid to all in July which is more than 6 times their monthly RM. Process for payment of RM (approx Rs 3,600) for this month is in progress, hence the contention that jawans have run out of ration money is incorrect.”

It is important to mention that while the ministry put the amount at Rs 22,144 per head, the internal letter mentions the arrears payment of Rs 22,194. 

However, the home ministry did not explain why it had not released the funds despite three reminders. Also, the home ministry or the central force hasn't denied the shortage of “reserve funds” directly.

Moreover, it’s a bizarre argument to say this arrears payment has armed the jawans with enough cash for six months’ rations. At the same time, it's ridiculous to claim that CRPF jawans will be starving because they were not paid ration allowance in September.

Note: Telegraph India covered the government clarification on 30th September.

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