Pakistani Twitter users including politicians shared old images to show the atrocity on Kashmiri Muslims

Posted on 2019-08-13 18:55:47 by Samyuktha Mirra


Pakistani politician Aamir Liaquat Hussian tweeted a set of old images to highlight police atrocity in Kashmir. However, none of the pictures tweeted by him is related to recent incidents in Kashmir.

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Some Twitter users have been sharing fake news related to the recent sensitive Kashmir issue. They have shared pictures which portrays the public being abused by the police/military personnel and claiming that it is from Kashmir.

Amongst the tweets which spread fake news by using outdated pictures, one tweet from user Aamir Liaquat Hussian who is a Pakistani politician has been retweeted more than one thousand times and liked more than two thousand times. This tweet of his claims that the images he has attached from the ‘Kashmir Genocide’ apparently shows who the “ real culprit” is. He has strongly demanded India to be tried in International Court of Justice for their genocide in Kashmir and has also requested people to not blame Pakistan army for intruding.

However, none of the pictures that he shared are from Kashmir and they are in no way related to the recent issue. The pictures can be confirmed as fake by doing a simple reverse image search.

First Image: At least 5 years Old

The first picture shows some policemen about to beat a bunch of people with sticks. After a reverse image search, we found that this image which was attached by Husain was used in two articles. One dating back to 2014 and the other to 2017. Thus it is evident that the image is unrelated to the recent issue.

This picture has been used on Pakistani website to highlight the struggle of Kashmiri Muslims but one of the articles from 2014 has used this image to show protests by government employees in Kashmir.

Second Image

The second image again shows policemen physically abusing few men and this image was used in an article published in January 2019. Thus even this image is not at all related to the recent incident and supposed genocide.

Third Image

The third picture is from an incident at Bhadrak, Odisha dating back to 2017. The image was used by Economic Times and Financial Express on April 10, 2017. Thus even this image is not at all related to the recent incidents in Kashmir.

Fourth Image

The fourth picture has been used in an article dating back to Aug 2017. Clearly, it can't be related to the recent incidents in Kashmir.

The same false information was picked up by a few others as well. A Twitter user Naseebullah khan tweeted, "strongly demand #India to be tried in #ICJ for #Genocide in #IOK. Enough is enough, do not blame on our #PakArmy for #Intrudation #KashmirGenocidePictures are itself well spoken who is culprit".

A Facebook page "I Love Allah" shared the same set of images to write "Ya Allah save the Muslims in Kashmir. Ameen".

In conclusion, this confirms that none of the images used by Aamir Liaquat Hussian are even moderately related to the recent Kashmir issue. It is a shame that social media users, especially people such as politicians with a large reach spread false news intentionally or unintentionally without verifying the authenticity of the information. It becomes more of a shame considering the sensitivity of the issue and the hundreds of fake news already being associated with it.

No firing incidents in Valley in past one week: J&K Police

The Jammu and Kashmir Police have brushed aside media reports of firing incidents in the Kashmir Valley, saying they did not fire a single bullet for nearly a week and the situation in the region is calm. 

Inspector General (IG) of Police, Kashmir, SP Pani has also rejected media reports, saying they are false and no firing incident has taken place in the Valley in last one week. 

However, it is important to mention that Siddharth Varadarajan has reported in The Wire that at least 21 young men and boys were brought in to Srinagar’s main hospital for treatment for pellet injuries in the first three days after the Modi government announced the scrapping of special constitutional provisions for Jammu and Kashmir, and the end of its status as a state. However, we couldn't independently verify the authenticity of the report.

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