Fact Check : Riot like situation arose in Patna due to rumours of a cow bitten by a dog of Muslim Owner

Posted on 2019-08-08 05:25:54 by Samyuktha Mirra


Journalist Narendra Nath and Zainab Sikander made an unsubstantiated claim that a riot like situation arose in Patna when a rumor suggested that a dog of Muslim owner had bitten a cow in Patna.

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Recently, a few Twitter users spread the news that a cow was bitten by a dog after an angered owner of the house released it. A narrative was built that the owner of the dog was a Muslim. 

The narrative that the owner of the dog which bit the cow is a Muslim was first propagated by a journalist on Twitter. Narendra Nath who according to his Twitter bio, is a journalist, recently added a communal angle to a story.

Furthermore, his narrative was picked up by a few other Twitter users as well.

Zainab Sikander tweeted the article by Bhaskar with a caption, "A dog bit a cow. Rumour was spread that the dog belonged to a Muslim. Riot like situation arose. Police intervened. They got to know the dog belonged to a Hindu. Everything calmed down. This is not a joke."

Bhaskar had reported that the incident of the dog biting a cow and how this incident caused clashes with the two parties. It also mentioned that the two parties threw stones at each other and this whole situation was later pacified by the police. Police officer Nishikant Nishi also mentioned that no complaints were filed from either side. 

However, Narendra Nath attached the article from Bhaskar and added a fake narrative that a ‘rumor’ went around that the dog owner was Muslim and the situation escalated and the Patna police went through a lot of trouble to control the situation. He also mentioned that the situation became peaceful when it was found that the owner was Hindu. This is absolutely false for two reasons. Firstly, there is no news article or narrative apart from his talks about the ‘rumor’ that he has mentioned. Secondly, he has also mentioned that it was later found out that the owner was Hindu and the situation became peaceful. This was also not reported by any party. Looks like Narendra Nath created his own communal narrative of the situation.

Here is a video report of the incident and there is no mention of any communal angle in it.

According to the report, the house owner, a jeweler was angry that people used to tie their cow outside his gate and this was the reason he unleashed his dog on the cow.

It is notable that a few portals published reports giving a communal angle to the incident after Narendra Nath had tweeted about it but all such reports were soon taken down as pointed out by a Twitter user Mihir Jha.

In conclusion, the incident reported where a dog bit a cow does not possess a communal angle and was created and propagated by Twitter users.

The rumor was debunked by OpIndia earlier and OpIndia's founder Rahul Raushan had called out Narendra Nath Mishra for the unsubstantiated claim on Twitter. However, neither he nor Zainab Sikander has deleted their tweets.

Update: Rajiv Tyagi who is famous in sharing fake news on social media has tweeted a video on his Facebook profile in which a journalist can be seen talking how the incident had created a riot like situation. While sharing the video, he writes, "Who will challenge my assertion that the Hindu and the Muslim are the two most jaahil qaum on this planet today...? "

You can watch the video here:

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