Fact Check: A Muslim retired Army Officer lynched by an unidentified mob in Amethi

Posted on 2019-08-02 14:02:15 by Neel Kamal


Tehseen Poonawala, Ashok Swain and Sitaram Yachury projected the murder of a retired army officer from the minority community in an attempted robbery case as a case of lynching.

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On 28th July, Tehseen Poonawala tweeted to claim that a retired army officer was lynched in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh. His tweet reads, "Now #MobLynching in Amethi! As per reports: A retired Army officer Amanullah is the latest victim of #MobLynchings in the state of UP! Time to bring in #MaSuKa or Manav Suraksha Kanoon..The only way to stop #Lynching".

CPI(M) leader Sitaram Yachury tweeted an article by India Today with a caption, "Lynchings of minorities in BJP ruled states continues with impunity. That the victim was a retired army officer only bears testimony to the level of hatred being fuelled by this political ideology where those responsible for punishing lynchers protect them".

Ashok Swain also tweeted the article by India Today to terms this as a case of lynching. His tweet reads, "A Muslim retired Army Officer has been lynched by an unidentified mob in Amethi! - Smriti Irani effect? #StopLynchings".

Not a Lynching Case

India Today's article (published from PTI feed) shared by Ashok Swain and Sitaram Yachury hasn't termed it as a case of lynching. There is no use of lynching word in the article which states:

The retired Army personnel, Amanullah, and his wife were in their house when a group of people attacked them with sticks. The attackers thrashed Amanullah across the head due to which he died on the spot

However, the language used by PTI is confusing. Since the report states that the army man was attacked by a group of people, some people can call it a case of lynching.

On the other hand, ANI reported it as a case of murder in a suspected theft case. The tweet by ANI reads, "64-year-old Amanullah Khan, a retired Army Captain, was murdered in his house in Kamrauli area by unidentified assailants on the morning of July 28 in a suspected theft case."

SP of Amethi, Rajesh Kumar told ANI, "Deceased and his wife were sleeping in verandah of their newly-constructed house when some thieves came to steal road construction material of a contractor kept in a vacant area outside the house. When he raised an alarm, thieves thrashed him to death. 

He further said that some people have been held in police custody.

It is clear from the statement of SP that this was a case of theft and murder.

What is Lynching?

The widely accepted notion is that the term lynch comes from the phrase "Lynch Law", which is a term used for a punishment without trial. In one sentence Lynching can be defined as a premeditated extrajudicial killing by a group.

In this case, did the group of thieves come to kill the victim? No, they came to steal some stuff from the victim's house and when the victim raised an alarm they thrashed him which led to his death.

It was clearly a robbery attempt gone wrong. 

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