A Youth beaten for his Muslim name in Bharuch: Indian Express and Ashok Swain communalises road rage incident

Posted on 2019-07-31 05:07:45 by Neel Kamal


The claim that youth was beaten up in Bharuch by Hindutva goons for his Muslim name appears to be false. The victim has not given any communal angle in his statement to police.

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Ashok Swain tweeted an article by Indian Express to claim that a Muslim youth was beaten by Hindutva goons for his Muslim name. His tweet reads, "They asked his name, found out that he is a Muslim - that was enough for the Hindutva hooligans to beat him up mercilessly!".

The report by Indian Express states that a 22-year-old man was allegedly beaten up by a group of five youths after they inquired about his name and found out his community in Bharuch.

Indian Express has quoted the victim:

I left on my bike and after crossing around 100 metres, I saw five youths in a verbal duel with another youth who was travelling on bike. I did not pay attention and tried to pass through the side when the men, speaking local language, caught hold of me and asked my name. When I said my name, they asked which company I was working for. I gave the company’s address when three of them started slapping me. When I asked what was my fault, they replied with fists. Somehow I managed to escape from the spot as my bike was on. I hid myself at a distance and informed a colleague, Imtiyaz Shaikh, about the incident.


After three of the five youths went away from the spot, he thought of returning to the company for safety. However, the other two men who were present on the spot, again stopped Faisal and beating him up and kicked him.

I took out my belt in defence but they caught hold of it and beat me with it. I left my bike and ran to the company gate. They chased me and beat me up again. The company security guards, instead of helping me, escaped from the spot. Meanwhile, the other three men joined them and forced me into an autorickshaw, took me to a lonely place nearby and again beat me up. They left me there when they were tired.”


Case of Road Rage

If we read the victim's statement carefully, it is clear that it was a case of road rage. When the victim was going on the bike, accused were already fighting with some other guy (No information available on this guy) and after asking his name, accused asked his company name as well. The victim has never claimed that he was beaten for his Muslim name.

Police Version: No communal angle

According to the report by Indian Express, the incident took place at Jolwa village in Dahej, Bharuch. So, we contacted the Dahej Police station to enquire about the incident. The police confirmed to us that it was a road rage incident with unknown people. A complaint has been registered and we are investigating. Police also confirmed that the victim Faisal has not mentioned any communal angle in his statement to the police.

Conclusion: It is wrong to claim that the victim of road rage was beaten for his Muslim name. Moreover, the victim himself has not given any communal angle in this case.

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