Did Motilal Vora touch Rahul Gandhi’s feet: No, social media users share old picture of another Congress leader

Posted on 2019-07-08 18:02:36 by Samyuktha Mirra


No, 90-year-old Motilal Vora didn't touch Rahul Gandhi's feet. The viral picture is old and the person in the picture is not Vora but another Congress leader TS Singh Deo.

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Recently, several people on social media have been sharing a picture which looks like an old man is about to touch Rahul Gandhi’s feet. This old man was claimed to be Motilal Vora, a 90-year-old Congress leader.

The social media users who have shared the picture and claimed that the old person in the image is Motilal Vora have emphasized on how shameful it is that an old person is touching the feet of a younger person. 

A Twitter user Manu tweeted, "92 year YOUNG to be President bows and touches feet of 50 year OLD outgoing President of Con's party."

Another user tweeted the picture with a message "New president of Congress, *90-year-old* Motilal Vora touches the feet of 49-year old Rahul Gandhi to seek his blessings, while former Prime Minister, *86-year-old* Manmohan Singh holds the bouquet given to Rahul like an obedient house help. This is Congress culture for you."

Old Picture

The context can be found to be completely misleading by doing a simple reverse image search. Firstly, the image shared virally on social media is old. It dates back to 2018. The person who is claimed to be touching Rahul Gandhi’s feet is TS Singh Deo and not Motilal Vora. This was clarified by India Today in 2018 itself. It is not very clear if Deo Singh intended to touch Rahul Gandhi’s feet or not because of mixed reports about the situation from him and other Congress ministers.

TS Singh Deo claimed while speaking to India Today that the photo is morphed. since a video of the incident is not available, confirmation on what Sigh was doing is hard. 

A video of another incident from the same day is available in which TS Singh Deo touched the feet of the guests on the dais after taking the oath but Rahul Gandhi stopped him from touching his feet. You can watch the video here:

Video Credit: India Today

It is important to note that the viral picture is not from this incident. It is certain that the picture is old and it started resurfacing social media in the past few days after media reports that Motilal Vora will be appointed as an interim president of Congress. 

Furthermore, it is mentioned that Vora is 92 years old in the tweet. This is also false information because Vora is 90 years old. 

Was he trying to remove a thread?

National spokesperson of INC, Pawan Khera claimed that TS Singh Deo was trying to remove a thread that came out of the bouquet of Dr MMS. Here is the picture shared by him on Twitter.

But we can clearly see that the thread hanging from the bouquet is nowhere close to the floor. Moreover, Singh Deo is bowing in front of Rahul Gandhi and not Manmohan Singh who is standing a few steps away.

Hanging thread from the bouquet has been highlighted in a red circle in the picture below.

In conclusion, the image is being shared on social media claiming that Motilal Vora is touching the feet of Rahul Gandhi who in recent months has decided to resign from the post of the President of INC. However, the claim is false as this image is old and the person in the image is not Vora but TS Singh Deo.

Another claim that TS Singh Deo was trying to pick a thread is also false.

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