National Scholarship schemes Majorly for Hindus : No, it is more beneficial for Minorities.

Posted on 2019-06-15 17:34:14 by Rishika Thakur


Out of 2157 crore, students from Hindu community got Rs 127.75 crores while the Muslim community got Rs 1,032.21 crore. 

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A pro-BJP handle Rishi Bagree recently tweeted that the scholarship scheme which is been provided by the government gives the majority of scholarship benefits to Hindu religion. Given below is one of the piecharts he has provided which shows, Hindus are getting maximum benefits.

His tweet reads: 

Scholarship Hindus Share

Dept Higher edu 90.8%

Min Labour & emp 74.6%

Min of Home affair 92%

Min. Social justice 92.7%

Min of Railways 91.2%

PM Modi need not to learn from some disgruntled SM warriors as to what he suppose to do for Hindus

He shared a few graphs showing religion wise scholarship breakup. The breakup of scholarship given by the Ministry of Railways

Hindu: 91.6%, Muslim:6.3%, Christian: 1.7%, Sikh: 0.4%, Parsi: 0%, Others:0%

While the breakup of Department of Higher education is: Hindus:90.8%, Muslims: 5.5%, Christian: 1.9%, Sikh:0.9%, Buddhist: 0.1%, Jains: 0.7%, Others:0.1%.



The truth is the total amount of the scholarship scheme is Rs 2157 crore, where Ministry of Minorities get Rs 1948 crore and the rest is for other Ministries which is Rs 207 crore, where the percentage of Hindus getting the scholarship benefit is high. People are showing the scholarship awarded by other ministries but have not included the Ministry of minorities which has the highest share of the scholarships. 

Here is the link of the Government website which shows the actual figures. It shows the Disbursement amount Religion-wise:

HINDU: 127.75 cr

MUSLIM: 1,032.21 cr

SIKH: 103.01 cr

PARSI: 11.76 cr

JAIN: 27.25 cr

BUDDHIST: 19.94 cr

People are trying to show that only Hindus are getting the higher percentage of scholarship disbursement but the amount given to the Hindus percentage is very low as compared to the amount given for the scholarship to Minorities.

The ministry of Minority affairs has disbursed 1,014.38 crores to Muslims, 179.36 crores to Christians, 101.83 crores to Sikhs, 26.25 crores to Jains. You can check ministry wise data here.

Notably, the ministry of minority affairs didn't receive any scholarship application from the Hindu community.

Earlier, when the minister of minority affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi announced that his ministry is planning to extend the scholarship scheme to 5 crore students in the next 5 years, it was being claimed on social media that this scheme is not limited to the only minority communities. However, all such claims were proven wrong in our last article. You can read it here:

Fact Check : Verifying claims about the PM scholarship scheme for the minority community

From the scholarship data available on the government's website it is clear that the ministry of minority affairs don't offer scholarships to the students from minority communities.

Conclusion: Contrary to social media claims, the scholarship amount issued to the minority communities is much higher than the majority community.

From the graph below, we can see that 90.39% of the scholarship amount was issued through the ministry of minority affairs.


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