Fact check : Did RJD MLA dance with a woman in an objectionable manner while on a study tour in Manipur

Posted on 2019-06-14 17:53:25 by Samyuktha Mirra


The claim that an RJD MLA Yaduvansh Yadav was dancing in objection manner while on a study tour to Manipur is false. The men in the video are the close aide of an RJD MLA and his friend.

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A video has been virally shared online where some men are seen to be dancing with a woman. It can be seen that one of the men even tries to forcefully hug the woman and doing other objectionable actions. These men were reported to be MLA’s from the Rashtriya Janata Dal by several media houses like TV9 BharatvarshNews 18Imphal Times, etc. These media houses shared the video and claimed that the men seen in the video are MLA’s from the RJD party. The man who is seen to behave in an objectionable manner was claimed to be Yaduvansh Yadav representing Pipra (Sipaul).

However, this claim is not true because the person in the video is not Yadav. We found his picture on the Bihar Vidhan Sabha website and compared it to the video and found that it is not the same person.

After a short research on the internet, we found that the man in glasses in the video who has been claimed to be Yadav is actually Vijay Kumar, an aide of MLA Raj Kumar Rai. Here is the picture comparison.

This was confirmed by India Today, who talked to both Yaduvansh Yadav and Vijay Kumar. In the article published by them, Yadav has clarified that he along with three other MLAs, had gone on a  study tour to Imphal from May 30th to June 3rd. Vijay Kumar had also confirmed to India Today that it was him who had danced objectionably with a woman. The other person dancing in the video is Vijay’s friend Sanjeev Kumar.

The RJD Twitter account also tweeted out confirmed that the RJD MLA’s are not the ones in the video.

While talking to Live cities Yaduvansh Yadav clarified about the rumour.

In conclusion, the men in the video are not RJD MLA’s and it is confirmed by one of the MLA’s, the RJD twitter account and by the man involved who is Vijay Kumar a close aide of RJD MLA Raj Kumar Rai.

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