The Current Condition of Delhi's Mohalla Clinics

Posted on 2018-07-02 13:10:36 by Isha Hiremath


The Mohalla Clinics initiative started by the AAP government earned the praise of many critics but the current state of some clinics makes us wonder if the clinics are becoming a wastage of money due to the lack of maintenance.

One of the widely disputed schemes in the Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP government was the setting up of the mohalla clinics in Delhi for affordable healthcare. The mohalla clinics initiative was applauded by the former secretary general of the UN Kofi Annan. The chief minister promised the citizens of Delhi that 1000 mohalla clinics would be set up but the roadblock this initiative faced were too many. The government was at loggerheads with lieutenant governor Anil Baijal for quite some time before the proposal got acceptance.

There were some social media posts which suggested that the “esteemed” mohalla clinics people drew in their minds may not be the reality.

The quint covered four mohalla clinics across Delhi and all of them were in a deplorable condition. According to the report, some clinics such as the one located under Khajuri Flyover has never been opened since its inception and some other clinics such as the one located in Babarpur has been abandoned and have been taken over by stray animals.

NDTV Khabar also covered the ground realities and reaffirms the story of the earlier report. It states that no maintenance is being done and the facilities of the clinic are inoperable upon. Some clinics such as the one situated in Gokulpuri area don’t have doctors coming in for weeks. These clinics have unfortunately become hotspots providing shelter for gangsters or animals instead of providing healthcare for the residents of the area.

The deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia responded to these allegations and stated that there were no meetings scheduled between the officers the ministers and blamed the LG for all these shortcomings.

The government had promised 1000 mohalla clinics out of which a few more than 100 clinics have been constructed. But if the 1000 mohalla clinics which come up would be in the same condition as the above examples, then it would be a grand wastage of public money.

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