Fact Check: RJD says EVM tampering done by BJP but the EVM found were only Deployed for Training Purposes

Posted on 2019-05-24 12:54:12 by Shallaki Khandare


The claim made by RJD about the EVMs found in a vehicle is misleading. There was no attempt to replace any EVMs as those were deployed for training purposes. 

On 20th May, three days before the result of elections were about to be announced, RJD (Rashtriya Janata Dal) shared a set of pictures on their social media accounts to claim that a vehicle full of EVMs was about to enter the strong room near Bihar's Saran and Maharajganj Lok Sabha constituency.

The posts say that RJD’s and Congress’ volunteers found it. They shared this on Facebook and Twitter. The tweet says “A vehicle full of EVMs was caught by people near the strong room of Bihar's Saran and Maharajganj Loksabha constituency. It was roaming around the strong room and probably was looking for an opportunity to enter. It was caught by RJD-Congress workers”

The allegations were made by RJD that BJP was trying to tamper with the EVM and manipulate the number of votes.

Clarification by Election Commission of India

Sheyphali Sharan, the Official Spokesperson of Election Commission of India tweeted, "Saran Bihar, where Candidate agent has expressed satisfaction over the complete process being transparent and followed by the officials as per the guidelines".

She also tweeted a letter that said that “I am satisfied with the process and the whole proceeding is very transparent with no issues.” The letter is signed by Lalbabu Yadav, election agent of the RJD candidate from Saran and Chandrika Roy. 

On being asked about this the District Magistrate of Chhapra, Subrata Kumar Sen denied the allegations and clarified by saying that “This pick-up van with 12 EVMs and 12 VVptas was heading from Lalit Narayan Brahmin School to Chhapra District Sadar Block warehouse after conducting a round of training for the counting personnel.”

Conclusion: The claim made by RJD about the EVMs found in a vehicle is misleading. There was no attempt to replace any EVMs as the EVMs were only deployed for training purposes. 


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